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May 31st 2010
Published: June 1st 2010
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Grizzly BearGrizzly BearGrizzly Bear

strolling down the highway near Stewart
We left Hyder, Alaska, and passed through Canadian Customs back into Stewart, BC. The border guard, after asking all the usual questions, asked if we had seen many bears the day before. We realized that we had been so busy looking up at the snowy mountains, the waterfalls and the glaciers, that we wouldn't have seen bears if they'd been tap dancing on the side of the road. So on the return drive to Meziadin Junction and the Cassiar Hwy, we kept our eyes open for bear.

We weren't far out of Stewart when we spotted a grizzly bear strolling down the middle of the highway. As we got nearer, he moved to the side of the road. We were nearly even with him and I was just about to get a really good picture, when a truck roared past us and scared the bear into the bushes. The rest of the day we were thrilled to spot black bear, one after another, a total of ten black bears (and the one grizzly.) What a thrill for us. The scenery was awesome, too, but we were so intent on bear watching, we hardly noticed it. Every now and then we'd
Blue IceBlue IceBlue Ice

near Stewart, BC
look up and say "oh, wow!"

North of Iskut the road got bumpy, then became gravel, some places worse than others. After several miles it became welcome pavement again.

Tonight we're at Dease Lake, tomorrow the Yukon.

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Black bearBlack bear
Black bear

with his mouth full of salad
Black bearBlack bear
Black bear

posing for picture
Black bearBlack bear
Black bear

smiling and drooling
Brown BearBrown Bear
Brown Bear

he was panting, don't know if it was the heat or if he had been running

1st June 2010

Good Grief! You could reach out and touch!!! What a thrill! Be Safe!
2nd June 2010

WOW...unbelievable pics of those bears. How fun!!!!! Blue Ice is beautiful.
2nd June 2010

wow wow wow, weren't you scared?

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