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October 5th 2008
Published: October 5th 2008
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I am getting so confused - writing this up a week after - that I forgot to say - we did see a bear. Driving on the highway between Banff and Lake Louise - I glimpsed this v BIG black dog in a field and thought - whats a big balck dog doing there and of course silly me - it wasn't a dog it was black bear- we were past it in no time and couldnt stop - it was so quick and Tracie said she saw it too - but Suz didnt see it.

Left you all last time we were at Paul Lake, so peaceful in the morning down by the lake and watching one or too fishermen out there - a loon on the lake and some fish jumping - perfect. But off we had to go again and with one or two stops on the way - we were taking the pretty route through Lillooet to Whistler and on to Vancouver.

But another night on the way we stopped at a Provincial Park beside a lake - Marble Canyon - it was just fabulous, a little campsite about 40k out of Lillooet. The girls had become obsesssed with making campfires and so went off to scour the place for wood- none to be found - so they ask someone parked nearby and she said down the road 3-4 mins there is a woodpile - you can just take. So off they went in Billybob leaving me behind ( I was a bit worried they might not come back)- but back they came with arms full of logs and sticks. And not long after that when they had the fire going some guys drove by said they were leaving and we could have their wood too!!! Aren't Canadians nice!!! So another fab night camping - Tracie said it was heaven there.
On the next day along the Thompson river -me looking at it as we drove by saying this is a bloody long lake- then checking the map and seeing it was the river.
Lillooet - cute little place with a very nice German bakery - cheesecake, donuts, shortbread and danish for $6!!! Walked along main street to see all the old buildings from the Gold Rush days.
And yes evryone who told us this road was amazing to Whistler - you were right - canyons and rivers and mountains and glaciers and just AWESOME. I wanted to drive it - and was a bit worried about it but really no problems ( driven on worse roads in switzerland) and at this time of year the roads are just fairly empty most of the time.
We got in to Whistler - this was our first "urban" camp and was $60 !!!! But anyway it was very convenient and short walk in to the town and suited us for the night but we prefferred being out in the sticks. We liked Whistler - very much the resort for skiiing and mnt biking and all those other thing - lots of building as the Winter Olympics will be here in 2010 - it was a lovely warm day and we enjoyed wandering around and sitting in the bar in a square. By this time the girls had found out that they could fly to Vancouver from Whistler in a sea plane - and so decided to do that and take the trip of a lifetime. I couldnt go with them of course co I had to drive Billybob home to Vancouver. So anyway - thats what they did and they said it was just amazing and flew right thought the mountains , 30 mins landed in Vancouver Harbour and saw they were about 10 mins walk from the hotel - they said they were so overwhelmed by it all that they cried - aaaahhhh- arent they sweet.
Me - I had to find a last night with a sani dump for the RV waste and not too far from Vancouver - will report on that next episode. ( Just to confuse you and me - I am actually in Ontario now at my friends home in Brantford - having arrived last night)
Catch up with all later.
Love Lynne


5th October 2008

wonderful report on your travels lynne- not sure oif you are getting this reply as i am not very clever on how to do it but i am thinking about you and hope you ahve the most wonderful time lots love lynne
5th October 2008

Hi Lynne, Glad to hear you saw a big black dog. That road is just wonderful, and as you say its not difficult to drive on. Canadians are probably the nicest race of people I have ever met. Well done Canada. It sounds like you have got a tremendous amount out of your trip. We look forward to seeing you when you get back. Great to hear all your news. We are all OK but very boring compared with your antics. So won't bore you with them. All the best Love Prilla and Bob

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