Published: May 24th 2017
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We did the unashamed touristy thing today. We had vouchers for a hop-on-off bus and the Vancouver tower bundled in with the holiday, and so made full use. Walking from China town to Gas town was a wake up call, as this is the main druggie area. We kept our head down and walked with purpose!! After the tower, we used the bus to see Stanley Park and Granville island. Generally, very impressed by Vancouver, very green, clean and airy. Weather was gorgeous and we made a valiant attempt to boost ice cream sales within the city significantly.

The hotel is opposite the main sports arena, see photo. Kate dragged me off to a footy match the in the evening!! Vancouver beat Montreal 2 - 1 in an exciting match, with all the goals at our end. They used an artificial pitch and I was surprised by the high skill level and the bounce off the ball. The atmosphere was very family oriented and the facilities were superb, even a free bike park. The quality of the food, however, was as poor as at a match in England. They decided to take off the roof for the match, and by golly it got cold!!

Pics are taken from hotel window


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