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March 3rd 2010
Published: March 3rd 2010
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Words alone are hard to paint an accurate picture of what being part of the Olympic spirit is like in your own country. Take me for example; I meant to be here for a few days and ended up staying for the entire duration of the Olympics! I caught Olympic fever and just went with it! And what an experience it was!

Vancouver was electric. I have never seen that much enthusiasm to be Canadian and to revel in the festive cheer for two weeks non-stop. Every day the streets were jam-packed and the mood was over the top joyous! That infectious spirit gripped everyone and the atmosphere was amazing. Canada is a hockey mad country, but try experiencing it in Vancouver after Canada has won a hockey game! Whaaa.

Despite what it seemed like on the internet, it really wasn’t hard to get tickets to many of the events (obviously not hockey or speed skating…) but events with general admission standing room there were plenty of tickets to be found at face value from scalpers. I ended up going to see a few cross country ski races, some downhill skiing and slalom races and the highlight of all, watching our Canadian women win gold and silver in bobsled! It was incredible thing to be a part of.

I spent half my time in Whistler and half in Vancouver. It was cool to see the two sides, Vancouver being over the top crazy busy while Whistler, still busy but in its mellower village feel. It was also much easier to get into events such as all the free concerts in Whistler compared to the Vancouver gongshow. Travelling around was also a pleasure in Whistler vs. Vancouver. But the feel of Vancouver is something that you just can’t describe in words. You had to be there my friend!

It was quite the spectacle, the weather was amazing and you really couldn’t ask for a better fairy tale ending for Canada at its own Olympics. Just look for yourself as my pictures will describe another thousand words.

Sochi 2014 here I come!

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4th March 2010

Nice going eh?
As a proud Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, I can say that by far was the best party we have ever hosted eh? I am so glad you documented it and captured it the way you did! Thanks for the memories.
4th March 2010

Awesome pics -- Im a Canadian outside of Canada with no TV haha, good to see Canada did it up right!
5th March 2010

A proud Canadian
Ben, I really enjoyed reading your account of the olympics. Sounds like it was a definite highlight for you. Where to now????
6th March 2010
the men's hockey final was Out Of This World!!!! :D

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