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6th March 2010
the men's hockey final was Out Of This World!!!! :D
5th March 2010

A proud Canadian
Ben, I really enjoyed reading your account of the olympics. Sounds like it was a definite highlight for you. Where to now????
4th March 2010

Awesome pics -- Im a Canadian outside of Canada with no TV haha, good to see Canada did it up right!
4th March 2010

Nice going eh?
As a proud Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, I can say that by far was the best party we have ever hosted eh? I am so glad you documented it and captured it the way you did! Thanks for the memories.
29th November 2008

dude you are ripping! looks awesome, glad you are having good weather! I was in Mal pais/sta theresa last year and those waves can definatley teach you a lesson! have a great time! think about meeting us in sayulita mex for a surf birthday extravaganza, feb 17th-26th! best, nate and jenny
26th November 2008

look out
Yo Ben, I am out of here sat. morning. See you soon my friend.
31st July 2008

Well wow would be a good start! I haven't looked at the rest of your blog yet but am in awe of this little paradise you found. Would your "recommend" a girl travelling alone to go visit? any do's and dont's? take care
24th June 2008

Fishing with out a pole?
Well done boys! As always i enjoy reading and viewing the picks. Young Ben you have gotten quite good at this. Of course you have had way to much practice. oh how i hate you... I hope all is well. Later, dave
19th June 2008

New definition of awesome ...........
WOW !!!! What a travelogue. Both the tales and the photos, with your imaginative and funny captions, are out of this world, at least in many instances above it. You guys sure know how to travel. Yukon hugs from rainy Whitehorse, Missy
19th June 2008

Wonderful Post
Wow, what an interesting post this is, i really enjoyed ur writeup and the pictures fascinated me a lot. Ur article will provide a fantastic information to global trotters
18th June 2008

Yoga Master
So now that you are in the Yoga Capital of the World are you going to start stretching? I still couldn't picture it. Looks like a fun trip.
13th June 2008

Andrew, the Intrepid Indian Sidekick... its great to read about your adventures and to see your brother's sweet, sweet, pics. Keep having fun, be well and thanks so much to you and your brother for sharing tales from your travels.
8th June 2008

Yukon BOYS
Hello Kashmir Boys, Just read the articles and viewed your pictures with all four of the Grandparents. We are very impressed and wish you both the best on your travels......GO to an yoga class for me PLEASE!! love, Angie, Marge, Bob, Irene and Don xoxo
29th May 2008

bark bark
dope pics guys.
24th May 2008

Bender! So are the locals staring at you because you are white... or because you have the most ridiculous beard anyone has ever seen?! Glad to hear that you are doing well. Trip looks awesome. I can't wait to get out of here again, though its not too bad right now. Skied the Aemmer a couple weeks ago, you know the one. Almost feels better to have waited for it. Looking forward to the next update. Keep on rockin!
23rd May 2008

Thats some great stuff you found yourself into guys! Make sure you get in some cricket as India is very famous for it.
21st May 2008

you guys should see if you can get in a couple of bollywood pictures while your down there...i hear they are looking for a couple of shaggy intrepid interlopers. It would make for some extra capital and would probably work in your favor with the ladies hey!! ha looks like your having a good time. take it easy not sleazy.
21st May 2008

I'm with your dad on that one. That was definitely a good read. Keep up the good work Ben, can't wait for the next update.
20th May 2008

Ben, I love your name for your sidekick - "Intrepid Indian Sidekick Andrew"!!! He is definitely intrepid and a terrific sidekick. I don't know about the Indian part... a little too tall!!! Grammy would absolutely love reading all about your adventures - I'm sorry you had to talk to "Ralph and Beulah" aka Delhi Belly for so long but thank goodness that is behind you. I'll bet you couldn't believe the skiing conditions after the sweltering heat. I love reading your journals....keep them coming and as your dad would say, "continue to give 'er boys!" Your loving Auntie Moe
20th May 2008

can we come along?
Hey Ben, looks like you and Andrew are off on an epic. It looks really nice, and I like looking at all your photos, keep up the good work! I would like to come take some photos too.....nate and I will be there tomorrow....ok maybe not but wish we were! have fun!
20th May 2008

from PEI
Enjoyed your journal. We are on a cruise down the St. Lawrence, stopping in Quebec City, Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, Bar Harbour Maine and finishing in Boston. The Maasdam, a Holland American cruise ship is treating us very well so your adventures and ours are at the opposite ends of the scale. We are in Charlottetown today where we received a warm welcome and free internet access at their Welcome Centre. Looking forward to your next account. Love you both A Karen
20th May 2008

Hey, know it's a bit random when you get comments from people you don't know...but great photos! saw your blog on the front page of travelblog and in the last week or so have been thinking about heading out there skiing one of these winters so it was really interesting to read your stories/see photos of the area. seems like an amazing part of the world to visit! then got distracted by all the photos of pow in the! happy travels and thanks for the peek into travels over there!!
20th May 2008

Andrew!!! Awesome!!! You guys rock, what a great trip! Do you need some contacts in India....I got friends you know. Actually one of the Olympians who is training in Whitehorse with Jeane is originally from India so if you want we can hook you up with his family. Jeane and I are both off to the Games beginning of August - final qualifications were yesterday so it's all good for her. I knew I was heading over since early March but kept it hush and hush until the athletes qualified. Cheers dudes and travel safe Moira
20th May 2008

Nice Stache
Its nice to see you boys doing well. I knew you would pack the Heinz. i enjoyed the story and pics as always. Have fun be safe. Later, Dave
20th May 2008

You've Jogged Big Ben's Memory!
We have just returned from a hike up Menzies Mt. in the pouring rain and fog. Hardly the Himalayan view you are immersed in. So happy to hear from you.

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