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February 22nd 2010
Published: February 22nd 2010
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This morning Susie and Mickie took their suitcases and treasures back to Chesterland. They left for the airport at 5:00AM to catch their flight to Cleveland. The team is now down to two spectators and fun seekers.
Mary and Janice went to Mass, and then wandered around the Robson Street area. Masses of people were everywhere- walking, selling their wares, singing, dancing, and partying!! It is amazing how many different people of the world can be in one place and be friendly and without confrontations. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do this all the time?
Steve, Janice's husband, arrived later in the day at 5:15 to stay for a few days. We all went to Granville Island for dinner and were surrounded by Canadians who were not too happy after their hockey team lost to the USA team. True to form, they were gracious and friendly in spite of it.


22nd February 2010

Keep the details coming!
HI to the now 2 member Vancouver girls plus Steve! Sounds like great times continue. What events will you be at this week so we can keep looking? USA is doing so well-thrilled that you are there to see it and experience 'the Olympics'. Carry on for all of us!
22nd February 2010

The Torch has been pasted!
Great Job Mary!! Susie and I arived home on time and without a hitch,. . .Murph was there to meet us and we of course talked, talked, talked, all the way home. . .I am sure his ears are tired. When we got to our house Ceili, at first acted like she was a little mad at me but but soon forgave me and hasn't left my side since. I will be thinking of you guys each day and remembering all the fun and wonderful times we shared. See you when you get home. Have fun, and "Safe Home" PS I reviewed and accepted new comments from yesterday. Mickie
22nd February 2010

He sure misses you!
Hi Mickie, That husband of yours has been miserable all the time you have been gone. He is one guy that definitely can not live without his woman. Thank God your back!
24th February 2010

Hi Team Two (or three?), We had our book club meeting last night and Sr. Susan said that one of the nuns at the center saw a Buckeye's from Chesterland sign in the crowd.. you girls rock!!!

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