Day 23: Passing Through

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September 7th 2019
Published: September 9th 2019
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Artist built gate at the City FarmArtist built gate at the City FarmArtist built gate at the City Farm

built from the steel from the rails from the converted rail trail
We got into Vancouver way ahead of schedule at 4:30am but baggage was unloaded from 6am. All of us had an uncomfortble nights sleep, the only draw back of our very enjoyable train ride.
After we collected our bikes we eaded back to the Storage Facility were it all began. The plsn is to cut back on our gear for the few days riding we'll do on Vancouver Island.
On the way there was passed by what was called the City Farmer which was a large garden the size of a few house lots. These had been supplied by the council and maintained by a group of dedicated people intent on informing and educating locals and schooll groups on the benefits of sustainability, re-use, composting and gardening in general.
Jeff must have a radar for this sort of thing because the rest of us had passed it by and were called back to have a look. About an hour later, after a personalised guided tour of the grounds by Mike, the instigator of the grdens 41 years ago, we were on our way, with a few gifts.
We eventually got to the Storage Facility and culled our gear and repacked for the rest of the trip. Graeme and Tom decided to go one way and Jeff and I went to Stanley Park.
Stanely Park is a huge park on the west end of the CBD. It is criss-crossed with paths, has a couple of loagoons, the miniture railway and is where the Aquarium is situated. We cycled round the outside of the park and then into the CBD itself. We ended up at the port access for the cruise ships that head north to Alaska. There were two huge ships there, both over 200 meters long.
We continued riding round the city and passed through the tourist section called Gastown as well as China Town. We also saw the less desirble part of time where the homeless congrated. Every city has issues and obviously Vancouver, as beautiful as it is, has it's own.
Our meeting time back at the station was 4:30pm. We had to present our passports and go through Canadian Customes before we boarded and then again with US Customs on the train.
Our luck with trains continued as we got into Seattle about 30 minutes early. It was an easy 5 minute ride to the Hotel to check in. Our bikes are bunking in with us because they wont store them in the carpark which we thought was quite unusual. We decided on a few drinks before bed in the Hotel bar and turned in about midnight. I'm pretty excited aout tomorrow's NFL game should be a great day.

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