The Perfect Arrival

Published: August 14th 2015
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One part of planning a perfect trip that often doesn’t get enough attention is the arrival. It’s likely that most travelers are so anxious to start their vacation that they probably pick the quickest way to a destination. The fun will be had once you get there, not on the journey. Arrival by air is often a necessity in the fast paced world of exotic destinations and short stays. Perhaps some c... Read Full Entry

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Fan Tan AlleyFan Tan Alley
Fan Tan Alley

Victoria Chinatown
MV CohoMV Coho
MV Coho

British Columbia Ferry

14th August 2015
Sheringham Point Lighthouse

A Perfect Balance!
While Port Townsend seemed a bit on the quiet side, Victoria seems the perfect balance among city life and castles and gardens and nearby small towns and trails and of course, one of your fabulous lighthouses. Love the stories of your arrivals, and glad this was memorable in a good way. Happy travels!
15th August 2015
Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Thanks as always for following along, Tara. We liked Victoria. It was a really nice city with really nice people. We've been in our new town for about a week now and are planning some bigger adventures soon!
15th August 2015
Kinsol Trestle

It's now in my places-to-visit-list
This was cool. I added it to my list of places I hope to visit in the future. Thank you for sharing it with us. /Ake
15th August 2015
Kinsol Trestle

This is the Kinsol Trestle. It was used by Canadian Railroad for years but when the railroad closed the BC government rebuilt it and made it park of a network of hiking trails. It is really high and unique in places that we have been. Definitely worth stopping at if you're in the area. Thanks for reading, Ake!
20th August 2015

Beautiful photos as usual!
This place is breathtaking! I agree with a previous comment; this place wasn't on my radar, but it is now! When would you say is the best time to go weather-wise? I love how you've described the arrival to different countries, and I agree that the arrival can be very memorable. I did Machu Pichhu and Cambodia half way by train, which were both long beautiful rides. I've never done a ferry ride but it seems very interesting!
21st August 2015

Nice compliments that are appreciated! Victoria is nice all year and has a very nice climate as it is near the ocean. I would go during the summer, it you were looking for a break from the heat somewhere else. The temperatures are very nice and you could even need a sweatshirt or sweater at night. Thanks for following along!
17th September 2015

A country of diversity and a wealth of activity. Glad you continue to enjoy yourselves and the pacing is perfect. Keep sharing your explorations.

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