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September 1st 2015
Published: November 12th 2015
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As already said, many animals live in the farm. The horses are nice to us and enjoy some cuddles and brushing from time to time. The cats wonder around our tent and even sleep in front of it, always begging for attention and tasty bites of our food.

The dogs have very different personalities: Oliver, the oldest and biggest dog, and also the only male, is not interested in cuddles and uses to lay down without making any noise. Rosy, a young Puddle girl, always enjoys scratching on her back and barks to any new visitor on the farm. And last but not least the two puppies: Blaze and Tia Maria. Blaze is like a storm, jumping, flying from place to place and calling the attention of everyone. Tia Maria, is less impulsive but equal so friendly. They all bark with Rosy when we approach the house, but they both jump on us and lick our faces with exaggerated happiness.

The second week at the Kia Ora Stables is much better, the visitors are gone, and Wendy and Silvy seem to have more time to chat with us, and have nice meals together. They are very happy with our work, and immediately say yes when we ask them if we may ride the horses.

Palido is for Elisa, and Ruen is for Diego. Palido is a Mustang in training with clear blue eyes, therefore his name. Ruen is actually a Pony, but strong and big enough to carry Diego.

The first time on a horse after so many years is a refreshing experience for both of us.

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