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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan September 6th 2015

Silvy and Wendy make us feel more and more at home. We also finally move into the house because it rains so much J When the rain stops we go out riding after we finish our chores. Diego practised enough so that one day Silvy decides, that we all go out riding together. So we saddle up Palido for Silvy, Ruen for Diego, Hero for Elisa and Strider for Wendy. And out we go. When we arrive in the forest we go faster, trotting and for a little way even cantering. This ride made us aware, that we haven’t been around the property so much so the next day we take the bikes and drive to a little lake. Oliver comes with us all the way to the lake, but he doesn’t want to come near ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan September 1st 2015

As already said, many animals live in the farm. The horses are nice to us and enjoy some cuddles and brushing from time to time. The cats wonder around our tent and even sleep in front of it, always begging for attention and tasty bites of our food. The dogs have very different personalities: Oliver, the oldest and biggest dog, and also the only male, is not interested in cuddles and uses to lay down without making any noise. Rosy, a young Puddle girl, always enjoys scratching on her back and barks to any new visitor on the farm. And last but not least the two puppies: Blaze and Tia Maria. Blaze is like a storm, jumping, flying from place to place and calling the attention of everyone. Tia Maria, is less impulsive but equal so ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan August 26th 2015

We step out of the car, say goodbye to Kevin and start looking around in the place where we are spending the next three weeks. Wendy, our WOOFing host, is not yet back. She texted us that she has visitors and that they went for a ride. We walk around the place and meet all the other inhabitants of the farm. Apart from the horses there are some chicken, two goats, 4 dogs and three cats. Tango, one of the cats, friendly welcome us, and makes herself comfortable on Diego’s backpack. She stays there for the next 15 min! Finally Wendy arrives and we also meet her joyful wife Silvy, as well as her daughter and her son in law, who spend their holidays in the farm. The first days are quite cold comparing with the ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 24th 2013

It's been more than one week on the farm now and I haven't seen time go by. I haven't yet met any bears or cougars, and I'm quite happy with that ! It's now much colder since a last few days, frozing at night so I would say the hardest on the farm is just getting out of under my covers in the morning :) I now got into my routine and planning my days as they come. All is going on very well and I also take some time for yoga as Gwen is an excellent teacher. The other day, Gwen told me after I finished work, "go and relax, have a walk with the dogs in the park". I say OK good. And when I arrive in fron of the park it says : ... read more
Apple trees
Fire burning in the barn
Garden entrance

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 15th 2013

Today is a rainy day so I’m taking a little bit of time to update my blog while I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea. I’ve arrived at the Sundance Meadow farm on Friday afternoon and am settling in very well. Not difficult as the family and all the animals, which you’ll see on picture, are so welcoming. The farm is situated in the middle of the woods not far from Duncan where I stayed last week. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s a lively, happy little farm totally in harmony with the nature. All is respected and kept in order so the nature (wild animals, trees, plants...) finds its space. I’ve started work on Saturday morning and I think I’m not doing too bad ! But as Gwen & Brant will ... read more
Tree in front of house
In front of the house
The house entrance

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 14th 2013

So as I don't have a car, I have to make the most of it by bus. Take first bus direction Mill Bay, stop at the centre and go and have a walk to the Marina and then along the road to get to Mill Bay ferry. Get to go down on the beach and enjoy nice sceneries from there. Back to Mill Bay Centre and get on another bus direction Shawigan Lake, have a view from the bus and decide to get off the bus at Coble Hill. Have a nice 40 minutes up the Cobble Hill, worth the walk, just look at the pictures, astonishing. And lovely bright sun, can't be better. Then head back down to catch the bus that will bring me back to Duncan downtown. Have the impression I spent more ... read more
Mill Bay Marina
View from Mill Bay beach
View from Cobble Hill

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan November 14th 2013

As planned, arrived yesterday morning in Duncan. Quite surprised when I arrive and see that Duncan is a small town mainly along the highway. I head to my motel, and I'm welcomed by a very nice women that directly shows me what I can do around. I say I would like to Cowichan Bay, but with no car not easy so she says no problem, my husband will drive you there. I'm still surprised by how kind people are around here. So I drop my bag in very nice and comfortable bedroom, grab a coffee and then go with Martin (the husband) down to Cowichan Bay. It's a very charming little village along the sea. I wanted to go kayaking but all is closed. So I just wait for the next bus and head back to ... read more
Another seal
View of Cowichan Bay
Little house at Cowichan Bay

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan October 19th 2013

October 16, 2013 – Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island We’ve had a couple of wonderful days here into our week-long stay in Cowichan Bay. The weather, once again, is perfect and the blue sky is accentuating the fall colours beautifully. Once just shades of green the deciduous trees (Maples, Oaks and Ashes, to name a few) are now a million varieties of reds and oranges and set against an azure sky they are quite stunning. It’s not just evergreens in Western Canada! The countryside around this house is not unlike England in places with its rolling hills and green meadows with a scattering of Oaks, but then England becomes just a distant memory when you catch sight of the sea against the backdrop of the many islands and inlets that make up the coast of Vancouver Island ... read more
Cowichan Bay
Sam's Pretzels!
Mill Bay

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan August 28th 2011

Kennismaking met het verre Westen Zaterdag 27/08/2011 - van Brecht naar Campbell River (BC) Onze 'zomer' was er een om snel te vergeten. En deze liet het plezier duren tot de laatste minuut voor ons vertrek : donder, bliksem en stortbuien... en een halfuur vertraging om extra te genieten. We waren er dus niet rouwig om Schiphol te verlaten voor wat het was. Vooral met de perspectief van nieuwe ontdekkingen die ons te wachten staan... 9 uur en 20 minuten later landen we in het zonovergoten Vancouver : 24°C ! We stressen een beetje voor onze verbinding naar Campbell River, maar heel de controle-poespas blijkt in de kleinere Zuidterminal heel gemoedelijk en relax te verlopen. Aangekomen in Campbell River, worden alle passagiers ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan August 15th 2010

The drive back across the island was just as fantastic as it had been on the way over, Kennedy Lake was beautiful to see nestled in the surrounding mountains. We stopped at a pullout to make our dinner and just enjoy the mountains and trees, then carried on to Duncan where we arrived at Eleanor's home just before midnight. Parking the camper in her driveway and heading straight to bed, after a long day and drive. Friday morning we awoke to find Eleanor had made coffee and breakfast was getting ready, blueberry pancakes and orange juice. Rosemarie Armstong was there from Shelburne so we were able to visit with her as well. After we had eaten, Chris (Eleanor's son) blew up some large tire tubes and we went tubing in the Cowichan river for the afternoon. ... read more
The house
Turkey's on the farm
the garden

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