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August 13th 2018
Published: August 13th 2018
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My day began with me arising early and after making Jane a cup of coffee I headed to the jetty as the mist was low and overcast and I could only faintly make out the opposite shoreline and mountains. I stood and sat out on the jetty for approximately an hour and a half … and … was rewarded with a Canadian Beaver swimming past with a stick in its mouth, ignoring my presence, as it continued on its way. I captured it on video which made me pretty happy. We all... have heard of the term, “Busy as a Beaver”, I’m sure. 2 Otters fished another 30m off-shore. There was no other human about. It was as silent as a vacuum. It was cool around my hairless head so the hoody was used. Over 30 Canadian Geese came past, turned, and landed on the water about 40m in front of me. I was loving it.

During breakfast Wayne and Lori suggested we have a decathlon, CANADA v AUSTRALIA. The challenge was issued … and … naturally the Aussies accepted. One would not expect anything less with a competitive person like Jane!! The events were decided by the Canadians. Already
it was going ‘lopsided’. 2 events outside, 2 events inside was the agreed order of play, a morning tea break, repeat 2 and 2, lunch break, repeat 2 and 2, sleep break for Wayne (what does that tell you about Canadians?), 2 final events inside. The decathlon had grown into a tetrakaidecathlon (14 for the non-mathematicians). Canada was referred to as the “KERMODES” (an aggressive man-eating bear … very, very competitive are W+L) while the Australians were referred to as the “QUOKKAS” (a friendly cuddly rat like creature … very, very non-conflict orientated are A+J - except when playing scrabble!).

A photo was taken of the winners of each event. In order of playing: Bocce – skill required (Quokkas), Basketball Shooting – skill required (Quokkas), Rummy – card game luck involved (Kermodes), Yahtzee – dice game luck involved (Kermodes … just), Bolo – skill involved (Quokkas), Ice Hockey goal shooting – skill involved (Quokkas), Pass the Pig – total luck with definitely NO skill (Kermodes), Darts – skill involved (Kermodes), Lawn Darts – ‘some’ skill involved (Kermodes), Bean Bag Toss – total skill (Quokkas), Golf Putting – total skill (Quokkas), Timed Jig Saw Puzzle – skill involved (Kermodes), Hoffman
Cup Table Tennis – total skill (Quokkas), Scrabble – skill involved (Quokkas). Total – Quokkas 8 (all skill events), Kermodes 6 (soft events). Believe it or not; the Olympics didn’t finish until 9.17pm!! Many thanks to W+L for organising this international event.

Lori had photos of a few of the 1986 events, which they narrowly won on a countback … tremendously good memories and fitter bodies … and … a futuristic photo of a couple (which couple?) 32 years hence … mmmmmm!

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