Sunny day in Prince Rupert

Published: June 26th 2019
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This morning we docked at Prince Rupert - a small fishing town In Canada. Our pier was directly in front of the fisherman’s wharf where we were entertained nearly all day by the people unloading, sorting and grading the catch, occasionally throwing crabs back in the water.

None of the many shore excursions had captured our interest, so after a leisurely breakfast in the main restaurant we wandered ashore to explore the town. There was some sort of school run on, which was interesting to see, and a Safeway’s store, which we explored. We enjoy going through supermarkets In foreign countries. This one had a pharmacy, takeaway food and a Starbucks inside it!

We returned to the ship in time to head to the Japanese restaurant for lunch. During the evenings it‘s a ‘pay extra’ dining experience (they do tepanyaki), but for lunch they just do sushi and sashimi. The sashimi was not like the sashimi we‘re used to. The scallop was just sliced up raw scallop. The sushi was pretty much like the sushi we have at home. They didn’t offer dessert, so after we finished our lunch we went up to the arts cafe and had a caramelised banana parfait and a coffee.

After lunch we returned to our suite. We had made a reservation in La Terrazza for this evening and it wasn’t until 7.30pm so Tom did some more Diploma work while I read.

At dinner time we had a wonderful meal in La Terrazza and chatted with another English couple, from Yorkshire. They voted to stay in the EU but understand that the majority vote was to leave and that’s what should be happening. It’s not a best out of 3 situation.

Some of the best things: being greeted by name by the staff when we enter the restaurants. Having our laundry done, and being returned by our butler. We’ve had 3 bags of laundry averaging a cost of $100 each bag, done for FREE!! We have been on a float plane (for the first time since our honeymoon 41 years ago), we have ridden a zodiac boat and a couple of jet boats. Tom has also driven an ATV.

And the worst thing: the children on board. We like children. We have been immersed in a child focused world all of our working lives. We have raised and fiercely loved our own four children. But when we’re relaxing in our suite after dinner, we do not like to hear running up and down the hall, jumping noises in the suite next door, the sounds of crying. Our suite was in the middle of about 6 suites occupied by an extended family. The children would run from one suite to the other and slam doors.

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