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March 31st 2010
Published: March 31st 2010
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I was ready all set to go, had my big family dinner at an amazing greek resturant, said good-bye to my family members and headed home. I had my bags packed, still was scared and nervous but I was getting on the plane tomorrow and I was excited. But then my world fell apart when I had to go to Emergency just a few hours from getting back from dinner. I have been advised by my doctor to postpone my flight until I can have surgery. WHAT THE HELL!! I cried, I yelled, I was mad. Is this really happening? All my planning, preping and getting pumped up for this trip all came crashing down on me.
In the morning I pulled myself together and started email everyone. I cancelled my hostel, my couchsurfing, and my plane ticket. Everything worked out fine expect I am only getting half my plane ticket price back which sucks but what can you do?
I could not help but notice the time when I was suppose to be going to the airport and the time the airplane was taking off as well as the time I was suppose to be changing planes in Chicago. I could picture myself all worried and frantic hoping I was in the right place and getting on the right plane in Chicago, and worrying that my bag was getting transfered with me.
It has been a really hard 24 hrs but I'm coming around and excepting that this is not over and that I can still go on the trip of my dreams.
I do have surgery booked for April 22 so I'm hoping I can make new plans for May.
This does not thrill me cause I was trying to avoid going when it is tourist season cause of the price hikes and the crowds, but that's not enough to put it off longer or cancel all together.

So what it all comes down to is what can you do but the make to most out of it.


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