The Rockies, a Shower and Beers

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July 5th 2011
Published: July 6th 2011
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Tuesday July 5, 2011
The Rockies, a Shower and Beers

I got my start at a reasonable time. The hills have not been too bad but I always seem to be riding into the wind. I think I only rode 50 km’s today. I rode from Ghost Lake to Canmore. For the last 10 km’s I rode (from Exshaw to Canmore) I have had the Rockies on either side of me. The riding has been good so far. No big climbs; that being said I have been so busy looking at the mountains and scenery maybe I don’t even notice the climbs. The mountains are awesome; it seems it has been years since I have seen the Rockies; Oh yeah it has been years. All I can say is that I hope everyone likes pictures!

So far since I have started riding I have only seen (and passed, imagine me the slowest rider in Canada passing someone) one couple that have been bike touring and that was today. It was weird because they both had trailers and tons of gear strapped to their bikes. They had way more stuff then me. Well they stopped by where I was having lunch and out pops two little kids out of their trailers. Imagine little kids being able to sit in a bike trailer all day. They didn’t seem to be from Canada either.

I have taken a very much needed rest at a hostel here in Canmore. I need to spend a little time cleaning the bike; trailer and trailer bag of all the dust that I accumulated on those gravel roads over the past few days. I also need to do a laundry and I think it is good to have a rest day before I start my climb up to Jasper.

The hostel I am staying at is amazing. I feel like I am in a Rocky Mountain resort. This place is luxury the only thing is I share my room. It only cost $25 a night; I am on the side of a mountain looking at the Rockies as I type this. They have kitchen and laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi and beer for only $3.50 apiece. First beer I have had in 16 days; yes count them 16 days. So for the next 2 days I live like a king on a budget. And by the way I took an extra-long shower this afternoon.

Don’t forget to keep scrolling down the blog pages. These goofy people like to put a lot of Google ads and sometimes it gives the impression that the blog is done but there are still photos further down the page.

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A View of the RockiesA View of the Rockies
A View of the Rockies

The road can be long

7th July 2011

rock on
awesome pics, arie. looks/sounds like a great trip. not to mention a good workout. don't get any skinnier, dude. there won't be anything left. you're in my prayers, thomas
7th July 2011
Rockie Mountain Sheep

Rockie Mountain Sheep
This picture reminds me of one Dad took 15 years ago when we were out west. I had never seen one before, except in books.
13th August 2011

Hi, Uncle Arie. Nice pictures. Ride it like you stole it :) I like your blog!

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