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June 2nd 2007
Published: June 2nd 2007
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We made it home - safe and sound - after 2 long days of travel. As we settle back into things familiar, it's easy to leave the lessons learned behind. So we are trying to stay in touch with what we learned and experienced on the other side of this great big planet. Our lessons include:

1. Be grateful - we are so fortunate. We have health, safety, shelter, food and many luxuries beyond that. As Canadians, we are so privileged with an abundance of "things", yet we often take it for granted (and consequently forget) the abundance of simple pleasures that surround us -- love, laughter, beauty,

2. Gather with those you love. It’s a source of great joy and satisfaction.

3. The "real" journey is within -- the outer journey mirrors our inner landscape - do we find peace or chaos? Love or conflict? Joy or discomfort? We can choose any of these.

4. Always smile in welcome of others. It can instantly shift your state, and theirs.

5. Whether surfing or boogie boarding ... never scoop your buddies wave!!

That's all for now --- thanks for "tuning in"!!! We'll see everyone soon!! Sending love and well wishes! Selamat tingaal!! Jan, Phil and Devin


6th June 2007

Thanks for sharing the journey
Hi, glad you are home safe and sound. I have enjoyed "living" through your updates. Devin so reminds me of Greg at that age. Greg and I are going to Cgy in July - let's connect. Love your "lesson," they really resonate. Be well,

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