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May 31st 2007
Published: May 31st 2007
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Homeward Bound!

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Homeward Bound!
Our trip The sun rises above the island Bali - the early morning mists give way to a tropical paradise filled with flowers and green. The ocean brings a bounty of food and fun.

The local women begin the day by preparing offerings for the deities - prayers for blessings. The scent of incense wafts through the air - mixing with the sweet smell of Frangipani. A new day begins ... and, so began our last morning in Bali.

It's hard to believe that a month has passed -- we have been blessed to have the means to take such a great adventure!! Somewhere it has been said that the act of travel allows one to leave behind an old way of seeing, and return renewed and open to living anew. There are many ways that this has been true for us.

i have rarely encountered another culture like Balinese (excepting Tibet) where daily life is so infused with acknowledgment of the sacred. it gives a sense of reverence in the midst of daily life.

The Balinese people were, in our experience, filled with ease and joy. We are greeted with huge smiles and words of welcome. We were taught about local ways with patience and open-heartedness. Devin made new friends with a local boy - and did indeed learn that smiles and laughter are a universal language!!

And so, as we sit "in transit" in Singapore airport - beginning the 1 1/2 day trip home, we will carry these learnings with us. And we will carry great memories of our first family adventure in Asia!

Jan's luggage is still "pending" -- i wonder in what "lost luggage" land it is sitting??!! Where does "lost luggage" actually go?? Is it still travelling around the world?? i guess in all - it has been a good reminder me to not be defined by the stuff we cart along - it's just "stuff" after all (though i was kind of fond of it!!!).

Anyhow - homeward bound .... see you all soon!! Sending love and blessings from Bali!

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