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North America » Bermuda » Southampton August 18th 2015

"You only have one life, so dream big" 260 days ago I left Bermuda and set off to backpack around the world with my sisters without the slightest idea of the journey that lay ahead for us and how it would all unfold. Now I end where I began, standing with my backpack outside the Bermuda airport, having learned lessons that cannot be taught, with life experiences that have changed me forever and memories that will never fade. I have left my footprints on 5 continents and in that time I have: earned my PADI Advanced Open Water certificate on the Great Barrier Reef; scuba dived in 3 different oceans jumped out of a plane at 14,000 ft, free falling over the picturesque view that is the Whitsundays; cage dived with great white sharks in South ... read more
Biking in Siem Rep - Cambodia
Getting a new perspective
Rice Fields

North America » Bermuda » Southampton June 26th 2009

Hi everyone, I am back after I posted those pictures about 2 years ago. Since the article, I spent almost 3 years in Bermy and simply loved it. The life in Bermuda was great and I made losts of friends, some becoming my best friend, some becoming lovers. Bermuda will always be in my heart for many many reasons. During those years, I discovered the real Bermuda stopping at the round about to say HI to my friend Johnny Barnes almost every time I went to town! A smile and you'll have a smile back for sure. Sometimes, they even beat you...ha ha ha. What a great experience it was. Here are my pictures, enjoy them and write to me! ... read more
In the city park
Jobson's cove background
Johnny's Barnes Roundabout

North America » Bermuda » Southampton June 16th 2009

I have just finished a fabulous week volunteering as a liaison Officer for the tall ships. I was assigned to the ship Mircea - a Romanain Navy training vessel. 184 men and 6 women. They were all delightful from the captain down. They we interested enthusiastic, respectful, and sense of humour. My team of 6 were to assist the ship in whatever they needed to prepare for the next leg of the race to Charleston. We showed them around Bermuda. There were lots of social events planned which they took part in. On Thursday my team and I were able to travel down from Dockyard to Hamilton where there was a raft up of Tall ships from #7 shed to the ferry Terminal and RBYC. It was very sad to say good bye to my ship ... read more
Cadets preparing for the parade of trainees

North America » Bermuda » Southampton March 25th 2005

It's a holiday and I'm still working. :( But I did manage to sneak away for a couple of hours down to the beach to participate in one of Bermuda's traditions. Every Good Friday in Bermuda there is a tradition of kite flying, fish cakes and hot cross buns. Last night lots of kids worked hard to make kites to fly down on the beach. They're a unique shape, not the diamond shape that I'm used to seeing. Today I got lured into the hotel lobby with an infectious rhythmic drum beat, it was a troupe of traditional Gombey dancers. Their costumes were colourful and they danced around to the beat of snare drums (?) and whistles. Some of the locals told me that when the Gombey dancers start going through town, people just start to ... read more
Gombey Dancers 2
Gombey Dancers 3
Kite flying on Horseshoe Bay

North America » Bermuda » Southampton March 8th 2005

The forecast said afternoon expect showers and wind. So I got up early to see if I could get a jog along the beach just like in the movies. I managed to jog to the beach but the sand was hard to run on so I just walked an enjoyed the water and the sunrise. Just after lunch the grey clouds came and so did the rain. ... read more
High tide
SHP Golf course

North America » Bermuda » Southampton March 7th 2005

I finally got a chance to get out of the office and see a little bit of the sun. Yesterday was a big blur as I recovered from jetlag and tried to get my head wrapped around work. The sand really does have a bit of a pink tinge and it was so amazingly clean. The sand is really, really fine not the coarse stuff you see on Vancouver beaches. The sun is supposed to disappear tomorrow afternoon with gale force winds and small craft warnings. Oh well, back to the freezing cold server room. ... read more
Bermuda 2
Bunny on the rocks!

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