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March 25th 2005
Published: March 25th 2005
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Gombey DancersGombey DancersGombey Dancers

Gombey Dancers in the hotel lobby.
It's a holiday and I'm still working. 😞 But I did manage to sneak away for a couple of hours down to the beach to participate in one of Bermuda's traditions. Every Good Friday in Bermuda there is a tradition of kite flying, fish cakes and hot cross buns.

Last night lots of kids worked hard to make kites to fly down on the beach. They're a unique shape, not the diamond shape that I'm used to seeing.

Today I got lured into the hotel lobby with an infectious rhythmic drum beat, it was a troupe of traditional Gombey dancers. Their costumes were colourful and they danced around to the beat of snare drums (?) and whistles. Some of the locals told me that when the Gombey dancers start going through town, people just start to follow them like the Pied Piper because the dancing & the rhythm was such a lure. One lady told me that she'd walked through areas that she'd never been through before because she was just following the music - and that was okay because she made friends along the way.

The dancers made their way down to the beach where there were
Gombey Dancers 2Gombey Dancers 2Gombey Dancers 2

Heading down to the beach. You can really see the colours in the sunshine.
lots of families, music, dancing, & kite flying. My pictures didn't turn out so well with of the kites because they were just too far off. It was a beautiful day to be out, cloudy with some sun. There was a breeze blowing but probably not enough for some of the larger kites that were trying to get up in the air.

After a couple of fish cakes (more like a fish burger) and a hot cross bun - it was time to get back to work.

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Gombey Dancers 3Gombey Dancers 3
Gombey Dancers 3

More of the gombey dancers
Kite flying on Horseshoe BayKite flying on Horseshoe Bay
Kite flying on Horseshoe Bay

Lots of people on the beach trying to get their kites in the air.

My little lizard friend I saw while walking on a path.
Colourful Bermudian HousesColourful Bermudian Houses
Colourful Bermudian Houses

The colours of the houses in Bermuda are amazing, they're all bright and cheerful with the limestone roofs.
Bermudian KitesBermudian Kites
Bermudian Kites

Examples of handmade kites

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