Photos from Middle East - page 19

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Umayyad Mosque
Temple of Hercules
King Hussien Mosque
Dhow boats
Camel with a shadow
The Night they Lit Up the Sky
reading the Koran in Najran
Syrie 078
old village of Al Ula
typical highway in the Hijaz region
Mada'in Saleh
Scary Halloween Costumes...Dubai style
and mountains
Elder woman in a garden
ok so we just ate 1 piece of baklava right?
pickles, stuffed veggies and grape leaves
Antep castle
me, Onal's mum, Onal, and the mother in law
dried peppers and eggplant
baklava like no other
the root beer man
Serengetı 11
Serengetı 10
Serengetı 6
Serengetı 5
Masaı 2
Bodrum Peninsula Sunset
Pamukkale Pools
gift shop windmills
Cam Pass
Sumela Monastery
Basilica's Cistern
windmill at Yemin Moshe
the Kotel
Soreq Cave
hanging out in Turkey...
At Miriam's swimming
Minaret of the Konak Mosque, Izmir
Sunset over the waterfront, Foca
Waterfront promenade, Izmir
Coastal route to Foca
Temple of Hadrian, Pergamum
Dune Bashing
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