Day one tour -old istanbul tour

Middle East
April 21st 2015
Published: April 21st 2015
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What an amazing day! Stop one -blue mosque. Stunning, can't quite describe the enormity of this city!

This city is over 8000 years old, (6000BC) they only discovered this in the past couple years when in a canal they found over a hundred neolitic skeletons in the fetal position, buried with all their belongings. Prior to that they thought the city was approx 2000 years old. This entirely changed the history!

This place full of gorgeous hand painted tiles, more than 21,430 tiles make up this mosque which is 400 years old next year. The roof stands 43 metres high and holds up to 10,000 people. The 'old faith' Muslims prayer 5 times a day. A woman only needed to prayer once a day as they look after the home and children. If they do not prayer they do not go to paradise and they have to pay gold in exchange for their prayer.

Dogs are everywhere, they are looked after by the government and have tags in their ears to say they are 'safe'. They are inoculated, they are so healthy, playful and big.

Here the government used to retire people at 40 years old, now 55 and they get paid 400euro a month which is a lot to live off. All medical is free.
All schooling is free including uni, but only 5% of people can go there. All transport and dental is free too. What a government eh!

We went to Topaki palace which has a Gigantic diamond (think it was 86 carat) beautiful collection in the museum.

I find it funny that I have to pay 1tl (50c) to use a toilet! Every time too!

Lots of travel today including a Bosphurus Cruise, it was cool! Going down the river on one side is European side of turkey and on the other side it's the asian side! 93% of turkey is asian 7% is euro! Fascinating!

We did the underwater city where medusa's head is!

Went to grand bazaar! Almost brought a $6000 rug! But didn't...

Got some gorgeous leather gloves 😊 Kaine got a jumper!

So much history.
Back at the hotel ted has arrived back (my missing teddy) so happy!

Buffet dinner and sleep.


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