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July 3rd 2012
Published: July 3rd 2012
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Cassells Al Barsha tries very hard to be a nice hotel, and for the most part, I've enjoyed my almost 5 weeks here. But there are somethings that are lacking. As I mentioned before, my refrigerator does not get very cold and they told me that it was cold enough. I barely feel comfortable keeping fruit and vegetables in there - I could never keep milk. But I've adapted to this minor inconvenience.

Yesterday, I was bad and didn't take a shower in the morning before work, due to having taken a shower after the pool the night before and sleeping in a little. When I came home yesterday, I wanted to do some laundry and I noticed the water never got beyond warm. I figured it was a hot day and they were probably plagued with maintenance issues, so no biggie. But, I slept above my covers still sweating in just my tank last night. I'm sorry, that is unacceptable for one of the nicer hotels.

This morning, I had to take A COLD SHOWER!!!!! And you would think, with sweating all night and having temperatures well above 110 degrees for most of the day, that would not be a real problem. But you know what - it's fine if you've spent all day in the heat; then a cold shower feels pretty darn great. When you wake up in the morning to get ready for work, you want to take your time and enjoy your shower. I washed up as quick as I could then wrapped up in a towel and ran to the balcony where it was NOT hot yet!!! Oh, AND my hair dryer stopped working. This all happened around the same time. What the heck??

They have actually said and make me feel like being an American, I expect too much. But I know this is not right. I should not be sweating in my hotel room in a nice hotel with A/C or shivering in the morning after a shower turned all the way up on the hot scale.

After today's cold shower and despite being exhausted when I came home from work, I called down to maintenance. A guy came up to check things out. First, my sink and tub.

Him: "The water is hot"

Me: "No, it's not"

Him: "Well it is hot outside, most people do not want hot"

Me: "I do when I shower"

Him: "I think this is normal."

Me: "I've been here a month. No it is not normal."

On to the A/C which is down to 19C (about 65F).

Him: "The air is blowing. Come, you need to stand here because you are short."

Me: "Yes, I feel it in this one spot."

Him: "It is cold."

Me: "No it is not. I was sweating in my sleep last night."

Him: "really? Did you open your balcony doors?" He goes to check.

Me: "No."

Him: "Because you know if you leave your door open for five minutes all the heat will go out."

Me: Not saying, but thinking, NO FRIGGIN SH*T!!!!

Him: "I will send a guy to look, but your things are normal."
Me: "No, they are not. I have been here for a month and this is NOT normal."

So, they send a new guy in and he tells me to let the water flow throught faucets before I expect it to be hot. Another, no friggin sh*t moment. Another "Yes, I've been here a month and this is the first time I have a problem" - why do they not understand this???

So, he goes to work in the bathroom while I attempt to play stupid Farmville (another rant for another time). As I am eating leftover, I wonder if I'm nuts because I suddenly felt cold, but I could not pinpoint a specific area. So, I go the bathroom and say did something happen??? He shows me the air filter and smiles - it was DISGUSTING!!!! He said he will go clean it and come back; meanwhile, I am enjoying the slow rate that my room is getting cooler and the smiling at the usual and inevitable conclusion of me being right!!!

Now, let's hope for a nice hot shower in the morning!


3rd July 2012

Thats one crappy day. I'm glad you got the air going, sounds like the first guy just didn't give a rats ass. I hope you well for your shower tomorrow morning! Miss u much!!
4th July 2012

I hate maintenance problems, because then you have to call the maintenance guy who never likes fixing things, but HEY aren't you the maintenance guy!!!?!?!? Isn't that what you signed up for!? I think my landlord might be related to your hotel people. P.S. I like your hair frizzy, curly, and wild!
4th July 2012

No hot shower
Ugh! I had to dive under my covers as soon as I got out!!!
4th July 2012

What? No picture of the air filter?
4th July 2012

no pictures
I didn't think about it til after the fact. But I think you can imagine ok.

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