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July 4th 2012
Published: July 4th 2012
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Another day, another dollar. The client from one of my projects called me this morning and wants to revert back to our original plan and for me to meet him onsite tomorrow. Why am I not surprised? People were not joking about the clients here! But I think working in Malibu was a good preparation for these types of demands. 😊 I have been able to take almost everything with a grain of salt (and a bit of a chuckle).

Today I had to go get my photos taken for my visa. I took my photos then did a little shopping while they processed. Genny had recommended a crockpot for my hotel room, so I bought a recipe book for slow cookers and thought I may try it. Nothing fancy, but maybe some veggie curries and bean soups or something. We got grandmom a tiny crockpot for xmas one year, enough for food for one person, so that may be perfect.

And that was pretty much my day. I did have a dang cold shower again this morning and spoke to management before I left. They had the same attitude as the other guys, but agreed to check on it. When I got home, I ran the water for a few minutes and it was hot. Not as hot as I liked it, but hot enough for a good shower. Phew!

I also sat down and checked out my toe. I had only been wearing sandals today and though I did some walking at the Mall while waiting for my photos to process, my pinky toe was killing me. My pinky toes are a little weird in that (besides not actually having a toenail on either) they kind of curl up and press against the next toe. So, it is not unusal for me to have pain in sneaker type shoes or my steel toed boots. But this was sandals, so it was strange. I felt both pinky toes and realized that my left one was broken. It hurt like a mofo and the bones inside were wiggling around, maybe even a little chip floating around. I was mad because there is nothing you can do; I was also mad because it took me a few minutes to remember how I'd done it. I had done this a couple of times in soccer, but I broke it this morning getting out quickly from my cold ass shower and cracking my toe on the hard marble in the bathroom. Now I am having trouble sleeping because everytime my feet snag on the sheets it wakes me up. And I have to wear steel toed boots tomorrow for my meeting and site visit. GRRR........

The good news? I get to see Jamie tomorrow! Yay! She is picking me up, we are getting dinner, then she is taking me to spend a weekend in Abu Dhabi. I'm so excited!!!! So, it may be a few days until I write, but then I should have some good pictures and stories to share.

Until then.. hope you all enjoyed your holiday!


4th July 2012

Yay for Jamie, and yay for crockpot idea! You can make some good stuff in that! I hope your onsite meeting goes well tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend with Jamie!! (-:

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