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June 27th 2012
Published: June 27th 2012
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Feet in the Indian OceanFeet in the Indian OceanFeet in the Indian Ocean

... or the Gulf of Oman, if you will. My first time either way.
Mostly today was just work work work, so I will recap the highlights of my favorite week so far with a list of the many things I did for the first time this week.

1. First time in the Indian Ocean - Maybe I am a total dork for wanting to make sure that I got that experience, but it felt fantastic, even if I only got to dip my feet in for a few minutes and got my pants so wet, they were still wet the next morning. They dried out pretty fast at the dusty, dry job site.

2. First time ordering a drink at a swim up pool bar - I have always wanted to do this and never have. I never seem to get the opportunity in Vegas. I guess it doesn't help that I am usually playing poker instead of swimming...

3. First drink in Dubai (or Fujairah, technically) - one expensive beer in the pool - a Stella - and another at the yummy and expensive buffet dinner.

4. First time to leave Dubai

5. First time to Sharjah Emirate

6. First time to Fujairah Emirate

7. First time to do field work in the Middle East (hopefully the last time for a couple of months!).

8. First time to see a camel - I don't think I ever even saw one in a zoo...

9. First time to see the UAE desert

10. First time to get a refillable Metro card (YAY!!!)

11. First time to get yelled at in French (he was just joking... kinda)

12. First time to deal with the notorious clients here (not my favorite part of the job)

13. First time to spend my birthday outside of the United States!

I had to make it to my lucky number 13...

Until tomorrow and the start of a brand new weekend - what will my "first" thing be this weekend...?


27th June 2012

Yay for firsts!
I'm so jealous...I haven't had any firsts in a while...kinda sad, but happy for you! And of course a little jealous.
28th June 2012

Glad you're having a successful adventure! We miss you mucho! Sorry I missed your birthday. Love you!

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