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September 16th 2009
Published: September 16th 2009
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I have had a few emails chastising me for my poor blog keeping, so I thought I would check in and let you all know I am alive and well, and what I've been doing.

Dubai was a mess, lol. Everyone had told me it was going to be hot, but I had no idea it would be as hot as it was. I really have no idea why people insist on living in the desert, its a stupid thing to do (like, who originally rocked up in the Arabian desert and thought, yeah I'll just stay here?? Stupid arabs.). I think the vast quantities of red wine me and the lad travelling next to me had had on the flight may have contributed to my temperature issues, but it was still silly heat.
I found the beach after being marched by two Germans (those Germans love to march, eh?) for almost an hour in forty degree heat, despite the perfectly adequate bus service. This was at 9am. I tried to nap on the beach, but just succeeded in getting sandy and cranky. The shower on the beach had been heated up so much by the sun that the water was too hot, so I had to stay sandy (and progressively more cranky, to boot) for the rest of the day. There were lots of men in traditional UAE clothes (with the white robes and the white teatowels on their heads) and not many women in traditional muslim clothes, which I thought was strange. Everyone was very nice though, and my poor arabic went down pretty well. I tried to nap in a park but it was still too hot. I ended up getting a taxi to the Mall of the Emirates and hanging out there in the air conditioned goodness all day. I really embraced the Dubai culture and went for some Chinese food and then went to the pictures to see The Hangover, which I've been dying to see for months. The arabic people kept looking at funny because I was laughing at tons of jokes I don't think they really got, and I think the heat had got to me, so was really hysterical at not a great deal. Good to see Mike Tyson back on the big screen again. (He may be a black druggie rapist, but he'd definitely my *favourite* black druggie rapist.)

I went for cocktails (after getting a wash & change in the Mall's toilet amidst some very confused arabic ladies) at the Burj-Al Arab, the hotel thats shaped like a yacht. I managed to arrive just before sunset, so the view was amazing, but by the time I took pictures, it was dark and misty. It was amazing, and not even that expensive (ten quid for a mojito that put the Manchester Hilton's attempts to shame) I got some tapas, which was enough for three people, and tried foie-gras (rank), caviar (lovely) and some smoked salmon (don't get it.) I'd been having issues with my bank card all day, and had to run (escourted) to the cash point in the hotel when the bill eventually came. Slightly embarassing, but the little Malay waiter man was lovely so I gave him a big tip. (Isn't it strange, in England I refuse to tip, but abroad, I tip ridiculous amounts?) By the way, for the pleasure of a certain Canadian, there is a wall in the reception of the hotel, which is glass and has tons of amazing coloured fish behind it and is like an aquarium, pictures soon to follow!

After I'd finished, I went to the airport and napped for a while. Best nap ever. Then I had burger king and met a girl who was from Wolverhampton and was on her way back from Kabul.

Flight to China was good because I was sat next to a beautiful American, but bad because he had his wife and three (outrageously behaved) children with him. I didn't want to drink but I had to to block out the incessent racket from the little shits. I also watched a really hilarious film about two women who clean up after crime scenes. Recommended.

Well thats Dubai. I'm not going out tonight to I may write the Nanjing report as well, which would be just lovely for you all.


24th October 2009

The move you watched what the sunshine cleaners!! LOL My sister and I LOVE that movie!! hahahaha

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