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April 22nd 2000
Published: March 13th 2022
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Items of decor for saleItems of decor for saleItems of decor for sale

Worthy of lengthy exploration
Although I made no notes, who could forget the fabulous shop of wood furniture, exotic carvings, and miscellaneous other things? Peggy was used to dealing with the vendor, so they went off in pursuit of whatever it was she wanted. I trailed through the aisles, marveling at the mainly Indian tables, chairs, chests and carved ornaments. Everything was almost jumbled together with space for walking amongst the innumerable items for sale. As Peggy and John were completing their negotiations, I discovered a box with dozens of painted china cupboard/drawer pulls. Immediately I wanted them for my kitchen cupboards and drawers. Closing my eyes, I mentally calculated how many I would need. Then I dug through the collection to select as many different patterns as possible. My own negotiations commenced with the vendor.

In the afternoon, we visited the Heritage Village . The traditional buildings were “air conditioned” by wind towers . These were built tall above the house; as any breeze passed, it was trapped by the tower, and being cool, it sank into the house, displacing hot air that floated up and out. Also, I was pleased to see Bedouin tents set up; in Morocco, years previously, I had seen Bedouin
Wind TowerWind TowerWind Tower

Heritage Village
tents in the distance but never had the chance to see them up close. Inside, thick furred skins, blankets and rugs furnished the canvas homes.

Additional photos below
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Door to furniture shopDoor to furniture shop
Door to furniture shop

Inside, a cornucopia of carving
Ceremonial chairCeremonial chair
Ceremonial chair

Similar to some in West Africa
My knob collectionMy knob collection
My knob collection

A selection of knobs on my kitchen cupboards
End of Dubai CreekEnd of Dubai Creek
End of Dubai Creek

The Creek is a dredged inlet from the Persian Gulf.
Heritage VillageHeritage Village
Heritage Village

Reconstructed traditional buildings
Sheik Saeed house - restoredSheik Saeed house - restored
Sheik Saeed house - restored

Elegant and cool construction
Woolen tentsWoolen tents
Woolen tents

Bedouin dwellings
Furnishings in tentFurnishings in tent
Furnishings in tent

Natural hides and thick woven blankets/rugs
Cool wooden shelterCool wooden shelter
Cool wooden shelter

Heritage Village
Storage chestStorage chest
Storage chest

Heritage Village
Natural fenceNatural fence
Natural fence

Ultimate in environmental construction
Traditional coffee serviceTraditional coffee service
Traditional coffee service

Grinding and steeping

21st March 2022

Kitchen knobs
If I knew, I'd forgotten where the knobs came from. That explains their exotic appearance: sort-of similar to Mexican ceramics but hardly to be mistaken for them. I'm impressed that you arrived home with the right number . . .

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