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May 1st 2007
Published: May 1st 2007
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After a tough few days of paragliding, drinking, eating and enjoying the sights of lovely Fethiye, we boarded our gulet (yacht) and set sail on our 4 day cruise around the coast. On the boat there were 15 people and 3 crew. The crew all Turkish, the guests, all Aussies. Of course it was!!!! After leaving the harbour it was a great start. We lay on the deck and enjoyed the sun, then something started to happen. A little bit of rocking side to side turned into a lot of rolling form side to side and before we new it we were clambering below deck. With shit flying everywhere we sought shelter in a little cove. Only one spewer, and it wasn't Kerrie for a change!!! The rest of that day it rained and we all stayed inside, 15 of us in a tiny space, and got to know each other a little better.
Fortunately the next day, the weather was back to normal and we set sail to make up for the day before. We were getting along with all and board and Dave found a good buddy in a guy called Mick. He enjoyed a beer and didnt mind playing a new favourtie game of Daves, fart tennis. The fart tennis went on for quite a few weeks!!!
So our days were spent lazing on the deck, drinking, playing cards, drinking, sunbaking, eating and drinking and oh a little bit of sightseeing. the weather stayed great and we could leave our wee cabins at night and sleep under the stars. Oh it is a tough life. This was the start of the very relaxing part of the trip, which continued for another month and until we got back to London.
SO after the cruise it was time to chill out a whole lot more and sleep in the tree houses at Olympos. We didnt do a whole lot of anything in gorgeous Olympos. We would wake up about 10.30, eat brekkie, lounge around until about 12ish, then trek to the beach, sit on the beach and swim for quite a few hours, then eat at Bayrams, sit and drink for a few hours there, return to Kadirs (where we stayed) to eat dinner and then it was time to put the drinking shoes on!!! and we did that for 5 days!!! NICE!!!! Not so much drinking for Kerrie as she was very very sick, but she tried.
After a tough few days of a whole lot of nothing we thought we should probably move on to the next place. We could have stayed a long time in Olympos, some people do, but it was time to move on.
So we did a complete 180. From the beach and sun we headed 12 hours by bus inland to Cappadocia to the Fairy Chimneys and Penis Valley........you'll see

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The ladsThe lads
The lads

I want one of these Turkish lounges at home.

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