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October 7th 2009
Published: January 23rd 2010
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Our 12 hour bus ride to Anamur was a beautiful and scenic coastal road along the Mediterranean. We arrived in Anamur around noon and took a city bus full of smoking teenagers in school uniforms loving Tages's lip ring to Iskele where our hostel was located. We made it to Esyr's Pansyon where we met the cranky owner Mr Esyr. We told him we would like to stay for a week and he thought we were lying so he told us if we didn't stay a week it would be very dishonest of us and hurt his business. Tages had to shake his hand and give him her word that we would stay. He also told us we couldn't use the kitchen because he thought we would make a mess but I almost started to cry b/c this was the whole reason we wanted to stay at his pension b/c our guidebook told us they had a kitchen. And when traveling on a budget, doing your own cooking is the best way to go. He saw how upset I was and Tages begged him to let us use the kitchen. He let us under the conditions we wouldn't put anything down the drain and we would clean up after ourselves. His very nice wife brought over some pans and silverware for us to cook with.
Well, we ended up staying for two weeks. It was wonderful being so close to the Mediterranean. It's the warmest water I've felt, not the clearest or cleanest, though. It was sunny everyday, there were palm trees everywhere, we made our own food, we drank cans of beer on the beach, I swam and we had cable tv in our room! We spent many days watching Mcgyver, Party of 5, Northern Exposure, Firtinali Gunler (Days of our Lives in turkish), Diagnosis Murder and NHK which is a channel dedicated to Japan. It was definitely the most relaxing time we had in Turkey. Well, except for Mr Esyr who was constantly looking over us and keeping a close eye on us. One day when we were out, we came back and he had moved all of our things to another room. Arrgghh.
The grocery stores don't have a lot of diversity so we ate about the same thing every day; rice and tomatoes, spaghetti with garlic, potatoes and eggs and çay (of course!) We also had an internet connection so we could talk to our families on Skype.
I put my feet in the Mediterranean for the last time on October 20th and we left for Olimpos on the 21st.

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Eser PansyonEser Pansyon
Eser Pansyon

where we hung out every day and night and cooked food...ahhh so relaxing!
food at the pansyonfood at the pansyon
food at the pansyon

i will say that turkey does not have the best beer.
efes darkefes dark
efes dark

it was dark and still not that good.
the anamur banana!the anamur banana!
the anamur banana!

Anamur is famous for its bananas and they are delicious!

anamur has the strangest but most entertaining boardwalk i have ever seen. like, what is this dirty little pool with a bridge?
a trash can on the boardwalka trash can on the boardwalk
a trash can on the boardwalk

maybe they thought if they made an entertaining trash can, people would start throwing their trash in the garbage can. and who wouldn't want to stuff trash in this guy's mouth?
crazy salamandercrazy salamander
crazy salamander

this crazy salamander landed right on tages' book as she was reading. it scared the hell out of us. this was his friend that was too afraid to jump after him.
Anamur board walkAnamur board walk
Anamur board walk

Jurrassic Park themed lawn
Anamur board walkAnamur board walk
Anamur board walk

Jurassic Park themed lawn

28th January 2010

Wow... the Mediterranean looks gorgeous! I'm glad you had some to to chill out. I'm sure that Mr. Esyr was very pleased with your staying for so long. :)

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