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July 25th 2023
Published: July 25th 2023
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So much in the travel news lately has focused on passengers unwilling to change seats with another passenger. My personal experience is not good. Very few times have people been willing to change for me. Yet, I change almost always! Why is this? My last seat exchange was horrible. I was on Turkish Airlines, in business class, on a smaller plane from Istanbul to Munich. I had an aisle seat, and someone asked me to change to another aisle seat. No problem. But then another person wanted me to exchange my new aisle seat for a window seat in the last row of business class. Big mistake!! Why? They guy (Typhoid Terry) next to me coughed the entire trip, and despite my mask (optional, post covid), I came down with a horrible cough for my 3-week trip in Europe. I was trapped, with nowhere to go. It was a bad decision. Trying to exchange an aisle for an aisle in business class in fine. But ending up on the window, in the last row, next to "The Cougher" was a terrible trade. Most problems I have read about occur in Coach. In a few cases, a passenger paid extra for "economy plus", a seat with more legroom. I don't understand how someone could ask for a more expensive seat than the one they bought. And trading an aisle seat for a window or middle seat is not a good trade either. Now, if someone offered to reimburse me for the premium seat, I might consider the trade. But it never happens. The fight for empty seats is also problematic. I always ask the flight attendant before moving to an empty row. Many people do not. I have heard all of the excuses. If a family needs to be seated together, my suggestion is to buy your seat! I don't think it is my responsibility to provide seating for someone trying to save a few bucks! Then again, what if you get stuck next to either an oversized passenger, or one who does not believe in personal hygiene? I would demand a change or get off of the plane. Noisy, seat-kicking kids also fit into this category, My worst experience on a flight was to Vegas, when two idiots (one male and one female) decided the convert the coach area into a nail salon. The guy clipped his toenails (gross), while his wife put nail polish (very smelly) on her toes. It was so ugly, sickening actually. I am shocked the flight attendant did not intervene! In Business Class, the worst experience was an air marshal who decided to get drunk on free booze. The pilot had to come out and take his gun away from him. Then he proceeded to flirt with the flight attendant (married), who basically told him to bug off! What a loser! I wanted to change seats, but nobody wanted to sit near this piece of work!


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