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November 29th 2009
Published: January 8th 2010
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We got to Bursa and booked a hotel after dinner. There was some disagreement between me, dad and Ivan but we finally settled on a place.

Me and Ivan went for a 3 hour walk to check out Bursa at night and met some boys that wanted to take photos with me doing cheek pressing and offered Ivan some booze.

Heading back we grabbed dad from the hotel and got a traditional Russian dinner, a chicken (a whole one), rice and salad. I had an awesome sleep that night!

We spent a day looking around Bursa on the 29 of November. After a yummy lentil soup for breakfast we got a cab (for 5 TL or 3.70 AUD) to Ulucami (mosque in Turkish) - a mosque in the Persian style of architecture. We then headed to Yeshil Cami (green Mosque) which was more in Turkish style and actually the first ever Turkish Mosque. After checking out the mosque and getting a bit stuck in the rain we headed to Yeshil turbe (the green mausoleum). It had nice autistics and was quite relaxing, similar to the mausoleum in Istanbul.

Before heading off to lunch we checked out the Bursa Turkish museum of Islamic art, and the Bursa museum. The Islamic art museum was pretty neat and had ceramics and steel works dating as far back as the 13th century. The Bursa museum had a lot of history about Bursa and the foundation of the Ottoman empire. It was interesting in the old days when a baby was born the father would take the baby and yell 3 times the name of the baby in the presence of the moon. The naming of the baby would also be a rigorous process and would involve a debate as to the right name to give to the baby by the whole family.

We had some lunch were I had some Ishkender Kebab and Ivan had some tasty Pizza. We headed to our hotel to pick up our bags after that and just missed bus 38 as I was checking my emails to try and contact Fatih. At the main bus station the bus to capedoccia was leaving at 22:00 or the bus to Ankara was leaving in 5 minutes. I still hadn’t heard from Fatih but decided we should get the bus to Ankara anyway.

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