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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Balikesir September 25th 2004

Last saturday I got the notion in my head that I'd like to do some walking... Bursa is cool and all but the constant stares and "hello"s one gets in a city get old real fast. After some quick consulting with my rudimentary map I decided that Balikesir would be a decent target: roughly 150km -- not too near and not too far. I had left most of my heavy gear (including walking shoes, socks and warm clothes) back in Istanbul and admittedly had too much useless gear with me (4 books!), but I figured I'd give things a shot and I could always bail if things got hairy. I bought a pair of socks, a loaf of "village" bread which looked like it wouldn't dry out too quickly, a kilo of grapes, some peanuts and ... read more
Camp, Day1
Village from day#3
Camp, Day2

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Balikesir September 25th 2004

On my walk from Bursa to Balikesir I was passing by a spring of sorts (they're all over the place) when an old villager invited me to sit down with him and proceeded to ask the usual questions. He couldn't get over the fact that I was walking such a distance "for fun", and asked me if I was an anarchist. Such was my state of mind at the time that I nearly replied "no, but I do have sympathies", which would likely have earned me a solid beating as I would be seen as a troublemaker. I guess the image of a sole bearded male walking mountain roads with a backpack and large stick is enough to conjure up thoughts of Che Guevara. I dodged the question, but a short while later I was asking ... read more

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