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December 7th 2009
Published: December 7th 2009
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Well, I've been full of cold on and off since getting stuck in that flood and generally feeling like shite hence no blog entries for the last month, but I'm finally starting to feel alost human again, or at least I would if I could sleep. We decided we sleep downstairs with the sorber on as it gives off a lot of heat and I'm freezing already, although it is still betwenn 10-20 c in the day it drops down quite low under 10 throughout the night, especially when I have to work until 4am my time 😞 however, I've noticed I was sleeping badly, and I think I've figured it out... normally when I've slept downstairs it's been with the little one who has a habit of waking up her big sister if she gets the chance to run off, so I tend to stay awake until the hubby gets up then go to bed. So I think even though I'm shattered before I crawl into bed, I can't sleep cos my brain says I can't lol. So I have 2 choices, only get an hours sleep through exhaustion but be warm, or go to my real bed when i finish, freeze my tits off and maybe get a few decent hours so I'm at least partly functional in the mornings....after my 2 giant mugs of coffee and countless cigs lol.

However moan off, tis the season to be jolly and all that lot lol. Since the 1st of this month we've pretty much had nothing but rain and thunderstorms, which in Jan, Feb is normal but this month is a bit early, it's not enough to actually flood everywhere again, just enough to make me not wanna leave the house, butttt we were good boys and girls we put up our decorations and our tree, the deocrations have fallen down on a daily basis....probably the heat from the sorber lol, but the tree still standing even with 3 cats trying to kill eachother and a little 4 year old who thinks its hillarious to torment them lol. The presents (some) are under there but we've been really evil this year, instead of putting names on presents we've numbered them all, just in case the kids think they can work out what's what. My eldest is 10 this month I can't believe it, I still remember ringing my mum telling her I was having a C-section that afternoon, time flies lol. This year is mine and my hubby's 4th wedding anniversary time is going by so quickly.

We've finally made a little progress with the site we live on and getting our Tapu's, they've finally signed a contract with a company that hopefully will solve all our problems within the next 12 months....fingers crossed, it's obviously on my mind more than I thought it was as I was dreaming about it this morning when getting a little bit of sleep.

Anyways I suppose thats about it for now another 4am finish tonight and lots of work to do before work so off I toodles and hoefully I'll make another entry sooner.


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