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November 6th 2009
Published: November 6th 2009
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well in a few words omfg!!!!!!! i got hypothermia!!! but I'll get to that in a bit. Leave the best til last eh lol.
Well the season has ended now so hubby is finally at home now so I'm catching up on a bit of sleep but as I'm ill Im needing it anyways lol. Everything in our village is now closed apart from a few supermarkets (supermarkets in the village are what we class as corner shops though) none of the restaurants are open now😞 so no more nights out until April at least!!!!
the weather has been mainly okay up until Tuesday night. Me and my mate decided to go to Ortaca as we have been looking forward to a day out without the kids, well it rained Tuesday night but it walking down the track was do-able and we put on new little boots that we had bought thinking how good we were going prepared lol so we had a lovely day out and i managed to get pretty much all of the kids birthday and xmas prezzies in so I was really pleased about that and my mate had had a nice day away so she was happy so off we went to get our bus who kindly offered to bring us up to our house instead of getting a taxi, so we gets about a mile from the house and the driver stops, off he gets and tells us he cant go any further , the road is flooded maybe we can take off our socks and shoes and walk through it thinking how dry it had been that morning we're thinking sure only be shin deep or so and once we get round this corner it'll be gone so there we are with all these massive bags stuffing socks n shoes into the bags and we starts walking....10steps later and we are waist deep and feckin freezin but we keeps going thinkin its getting dark so we better hurry up but how we gonna do this , we decided the best thing well not the best thing the only thing we can do is carry a couple of bags we can easily carry and try and balance the rest off the ground in a tree. so we did that and kept walking all the stones were banging off our feet and legs, the water we later found out was at least minus 5!!! we managed and god knows how to get to just around the corner leading up our path but by now the current was really really strong and it was pitch black and our legs are so stiff we looked at eachother not knowing whether to laugh or cry and im thinking im going to die here, it got worse when the turks on site saw us and we're trying to get the energy to wave the bags and shout and one of em walked towards us then walked back thats when i got scared and started shouting and screamin that we were here my mate managed to ring my hubby and tell him we were just there but we couldnt move, 1st they said they wwere going to get a tractor we just had to wait 10mins we were on the brink of tears when they then told us the tractor isn't comming we tried explainin that we were stuck and couldnt walk anymore we just couldnt our legs were that cold we were actually frozen where we stood i just wanted to sit down and either hope the water passed me or just go to sleep eventually one of the workers came and rescued us and we all held hands where we got took to a bit on the side, he then went back to find these bags and boxes for us anf brought them to where we were, then he got my mate back out the water then came back for me with my hubby helping at which point my legs gave way and i was ready to collapse lol. we finally got out but they said they would have to leave the shopping there, that was all of hubbys last wages on loads of prezzies but nothing we could do so i went home hot showers all round i was sick and shivering for hours about 10pm i started to feel warmer but wanted reassured about the presents so i asked if we could go see the water going down....bad idea it had risen and i was worried, but we saw the lads speedboat there , that must of been what they used to get back in so we went to see them they came out but couldnt go on the boat as the current was now too strong and it was too dangerous, one thing you are always thankful for out here is that friends are real friends and they will do anything for you, so this lad stripped of his pants and with the worker who had rescued us earlier went off to get the presents for us they are both big tall lads and they had to link arms so off they went and then my hubby went in to help carry the bags on the way back so thankfully the boxes were soaked thru but everything was there and safe if it had not of been for them too i can only fear what would have happened to us, i may have hypothermia but at least it wasnt severe enough to put me in a coma or worse, all in all we were in that water for about an hour so we were extremely luck thank you, to those who helped me i cannot say thank you enough times.


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