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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris June 10th 2015

After breakfast this morning we caught the water taxi to Marmaris to look at the old town and the castle. With hindsight we could easily have seen the old town and the castle on Monday morning while we were waiting for our transfer to Icmeler. Not to worry, the sun was shining and the sky was blue and we enjoyed our water taxi ride across the bay to Marmaris ... and it meant that we didn't spend the whole day lazing around on sun beds!! From the water taxi port we walked along the seafront to the marina and admired all of the yachts and ocean cruisers moored there. From the waterfront we walked up towards the castle through the area that is designated the 'old' part of Marmaris. There were lots of tiny little streets ... read more
Attaturk at Marmaris
Head at Marmaris Castle
Marmaris Castle

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris June 1st 2015

Ugh, our earliest start yet. The alarm was set for 3.45am this morning so that we would be ready to be picked up by the mini-cab at 4.30am in order to be at Manchester Airport in time to do the check-in for our flight to Turkey at 7.00am. We weren't active enough yesterday to work up a sweat so we didn't bother showering this morning, just cleaned our teeth and dressed and stuffed our toilet bags into our travelling bags ready for the next instalment of our holiday - cruising the 'Undiscovered Aegean' with Kath and Albert. Because we were going on a cruise we didn't have to join the ridiculously long check-in queue, we were fast-tracked through the 'Premium' queue which was virtually empty. Our bags all came in under 20kg, thank goodness. Kath and ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris July 15th 2014

Geo: 36.8519, 28.2741 GÜN 76 GÜNLERDEN SALI : Sabah oldukça derli toplu uyandım ..Ayağımın acısında hafifleme var ..Hesabımızı ödeyip yola çıktık.Marmaris'e kadar bir sorun yok ..Marmaris 'te hastahanemizi bulduk ..Acilden girdik … Aniden, konfor düzeyim arttı …... read more
Bu nedir ?

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris May 19th 2014

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris September 13th 2012

Geo: 36.8519, 28.2741 GÜN 01 PERŞEMBE: İstikamet yeni Liman … Gürkan ‘ la vedalaştık ( Gürkan bizim Palamut ‘un sağlam şoförüdür ) Biletimizi internetten aldığımız için, işlemlerimizi tamamlamak uzun sürmedi.. Şaka maka Rodos' a gidecek müşteri sayısı çok... Gemideki yabancı oranı, yerliyi döver... Marmaris Expres iskelede bekliyor Marmaris'ten her gün Rodos' a gemi vardır .. meraklısı için adres şöyle : Tek yön kişi başı gidiş hediyesi 40 Euro dur… Gemi çok rahat ve air conditionner'li Yaklaşık 24-25 mil sürati var 1 saat 20 dakikada Rodos'tasınız…... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris September 5th 2012

Today, Wednesday and all is well in putting the boat to bed. Robert, Bruce and Ross have left us to continue their journey through Turkey with Roberts wife and her sister. We had a couple of farewell dinners with them and we all agreed that the last few weeks have been a ball. Five guys on a boat is a big ask, especially as the 3 farmers had not meet us before and Martin and I both wondered how things would go. But no sweat. We had a ball and laughed, drank and ate our way through the wonderful Greek islands. My biggest problem was keeping up with them. I am sure we will keep in touch. Marmaris is a fairly large place and full of English tourists. We haven't had a big look around as ... read more
On patrol
Neat boat
Bathing beauties

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris April 30th 2011

Some months ago a public holiday was announced back in Blighty due to some bloke - being the son of a Prince - getting married to a girl who had also never really had a proper job. An opportunity was spotted for a rare mid-term escape for our little gang as the date fell between a four day Easter break and the May Bank Holiday weekend meaning that three official days off work would reap a twelve day holiday. Mum took the organisational reigns on this one and started scouring the internet for a suitable bolt-hole, deciding that the Aegean coast of Turkey would be a worthwhile destination. I'd not done a trip like this before. Previously our jaunts have pretty much involved buying a plane ticket to somewhere warm & sorting out the details once ... read more
Snoozing At Sunrise
Hard To Beat . . .
The Apartments

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris May 29th 2010

From the sleepy town of Palamut named after the indigenous trees in the bay, we took a taxi to Knidos, one of the rich and famous harbour towns of the Roman age. There has been a settlement at the tip of the Datca peninsula where the Aegean sea meets the Mediterranean, for over 3,000 years, before being destroyed by an earthquake. Still visible are good examples of Roman temples to the gods as well as several churches from the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. Because of its remote location, it is not a popular destination and we spend a couple of relaxing hours wandering through the ruins. The constant droning of bees fılled the air as they collected pollen from the wild thyme that has overgrown the site. We spent the afternoon eating fresh bread baked ... read more
Knıdos roman theatre
Knıdos lıghthouse
Knıdos amphıtheater

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris May 28th 2010

After a few enjoyable days in England visiting family and friends our flight to Dalaman went wıithout a hitch. The disappointingly cool and showery weather quickly gave way to a more mediterranean climate as we made our way west from Gocek aboard the Sanola. We stopped in Ekimcik Buku and ate an excellent and very efficiently produced, if rather expensive, dinner at My Marina. Next morning we motored along the Dalyan River by Turkish water taxi to visit the Lycian tombs and ancient Caunos - an old Roman harbour that is now a mile or two inland because of silting. We also saw loggerhead turtle tracks heading in and out of the sea and several turtles in the water. The sailing has been great every day as we made our way westward along the Datca peninsula. ... read more
Sanola ın Serce bay

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Marmaris December 7th 2009

Well, I've been full of cold on and off since getting stuck in that flood and generally feeling like shite hence no blog entries for the last month, but I'm finally starting to feel alost human again, or at least I would if I could sleep. We decided we sleep downstairs with the sorber on as it gives off a lot of heat and I'm freezing already, although it is still betwenn 10-20 c in the day it drops down quite low under 10 throughout the night, especially when I have to work until 4am my time :( however, I've noticed I was sleeping badly, and I think I've figured it out... normally when I've slept downstairs it's been with the little one who has a habit of waking up her big sister if she gets ... read more

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