Goals Revisited and Some New Ones (July)

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July 22nd 2011
Published: July 22nd 2011
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Trip so far - July 22nd, 2011

Goals Completed
- Ride an elephant in Thailand (05/11/11; Chiang Mai, Thailand)
- Swim naked and/or a nude beach (05/24/11; 05/29/11)
- Ride a Vespa and/or Segway (04/12/11; Beijing, China)
- Give up my seat (06/21/11; Plane to Lisbon; got upgraded to 1st class because I did)
- Do something that gets me truly scared (07/08/11 ; Running of the bulls, Spain)
- Do the running of the bulls (07/08/11 ; Pamplona, Spain)
- If injured by bull, have a clip of it make Tosh.0 (N/A ; Sorry)
- See a sunrise and sunset on the same day (07/17/11 ; Santorini, Greece)

Half Credit
- Spend the night somewhere unexpected - I was on an overnight bus that was supposed to arrive at 6am. It got in at 2am. Since its too early to check in but too late to justify spending money on a room, a few backpackers slept on a lawn near the bus station (06/27/11; Seville, Spain)

Goals For The Trip

- Check out a sporting event
- See a historical site when nobody else is there
- Try a new sport
- Hitchhike somewhere
- Ride in a helicopter
- Avoid prison
- Fall in love and/or become a dad
- (Try to) speak the local language in every country
- Play at least one round of golf
- Get lost
- Try a new food each month (actually a big deal for me)
- Get a tattoo
- Be adventurous
- Do some on-the-spot volunteer work throughout the trip
- Spend a day with someone that doesn't speak ANY English
- Walk at least 20 miles (total) through the rainforest
- Get a deep tissue massage
- Avoid being kidnapped
- Travel at least 35,000 miles
- See a castle in the UK
- Lose 20 pounds (started at 174 pounds) (May 23rd: 163) (July 1st; 159)
- Keep in touch with someone from each country
- Get kicked off a train
- Setup a network of friends from all over to start my world domination
- See at least 60 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (July 1st; 20)
- Keep a travel blog
- See a cock fight (new)
- Get a black eye (new)
- Get kicked out of a hostel (new)
- Get and keep a facebook friend from every country in Europe and 15 other countries around the world (new)
- Try couch-surfing (new)
- Learn to drive manual (“stick”) without killing anyone (new)
- Step foot on all 7 continents in one trip (new)
- Been so far: N. America, Europe, Asia
- Need to go: S. America, Australia, Africa, Antarctica

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5th February 2012

love your list!! :o)
12th February 2012

thanks so much. I will do another update soon to that list

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