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February 9th 2010
Published: February 9th 2010
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The Library of  CelsusThe Library of  CelsusThe Library of Celsus

Location in the center of town this magnificent structure still has many parts still standing. It was built in 2AD. It could hold 12000 scrolls.
We were in the post of Kusadasi where we left for Ephesus by tour bus. Ephesus was originally established as a port, however the water's edge has long disappeared. It also was once a major trade center for the ancient world thus we did not know exactly what we would see at the site. The trip from Kusadasi to Ephesus was approximately 30km or 18 miles.

Ephesus is strictly an historical site so don't travel there thinking there will be "bright lights and late night entertainment". The town has a lot of areas that are simply amazing in terms of the town's layout and the facilitys the citizens enjoyed. The toilets which you will see across from the library were arranged side by side with slaves sitting on the cold stone seats and heating them before their masters showed up. Truth or fiction---I don't have a clue, but it made for a good story.

You can look up the facts, the history and anything else you would like to know about Ephesus from the internet. You won't find a lot listed in books at the book store. One of the most interesting sites one can visit is Turkey which
The Library of CelsusThe Library of CelsusThe Library of Celsus

Looking down the street toward the Library
we plan to do in the future. Will re-post on the blog when we get there.

Back at Kusadasi we did not have time to explore the city. The downtown parts that we were in were interesting to say the least. We plan on another trip back there perhaps later this year.I have included several picture along with more narrative attached to the photos.

Additional photos below
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The Grand TheaterThe Grand Theater
The Grand Theater

Located in the downtown section of Ephesus was this theater which could seat over 2000 spectators. One walked past the library and down a long columned walkway to get to the theater.
The writer standing at the LibraryThe writer standing at the Library
The writer standing at the Library

Standing on the steps at the Celsus Library in Ephesus
Public Baths Across from The LibraryPublic Baths Across from The Library
Public Baths Across from The Library

The public baths, which we understand were used by all the residents, were located directly across from the Library. There were many seats in the toilet area and they were without partitions. The entire area was made of stone.

My traveling partner on the old streets of Ephesus

One of the walkway areas

Many of the columns still stand in downtown area of Ephesus

Columns as one leave the library area and heads for the Theater area in downtown Ephesus

One of the many statues around the downtown area

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