Happy 12th birthday to Kate!

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July 28th 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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Today we are celebrating Kate's birthday. She is wearing a new red dress that she bought in Bodrum yesterday, the new pearl earrings that Alex bought her and playing with the new plush rabbit that Josh bought her. We spent the morning at the beach and are heading off in a minute to go buy a cake.

Alex: Yesterday it was Kate's birthday. Early in the morning Kate opened presents. We didn't have any wrapping paper so we put a blindfold around Kate's eyes and we had her feel her presents and try to guess what they were. I got her pearl earrings and a silver dolphin necklace that I bought at St. Peter's castle. Dolphins are a symbol of Bodrum. There is also a statue in the water of Bodrum of dolphins.

We went to the beach after we opened presents. We had lots of fun. Kate and Josh and I started building sand castles and some Turkish kids came and helped us. We went from the beach to the bakery to buy a cake for Kate's birthday! It was really neat because we only had to walk two blocks to the bakery from the beach. Then we
Eating a birthday dinner on the beachEating a birthday dinner on the beachEating a birthday dinner on the beach

There is a Balik (fish) restaurant on sunset beach in Yalikivak where you can watch the sun set over the water as you eat. We loved it.
drove home. We ate lunch and then we waited another 15 minutes. Then we went to the movies and saw Transformers again because Harry Potter isn't showing here yet. We took a restroom break and then we went to the internet cafe to hook up with dad. On the computer there is a microphone and a camera. Those of you who don't know about this, you can talk to people and see a picture of them and what they are doing even though they are far away. I spoke for a pretty long time, so I can't tell it all, but the last thing I told him was that I really, really, really, really, really missed him. Then we went to dinner.
It was pretty good. We had a chair on the seashore and we saw a crab there. Then after that it was cake time! We were very cheery. It was great. After that we went to bed very fast.

Kate: Yesterday was my birthday. The night before I told the boys that I would open two presents in the morning, but I ended up opening all of them. I got a red dress and a necklace that was bronze and
Lekvek (what Lucy ordered)Lekvek (what Lucy ordered)Lekvek (what Lucy ordered)

She reported that it was sea bass and very tasty. The kids stuck to kofte and chicken (tavuk). We also had calamari and a mixed salad and watercress in yogurt.
sterling silver with a story to go with each side. On one side it has a deer--the symbol of Artemis, goddess of the hunt, childbirth and young women. On the other side there is a bee--symbol of Ephesus. From Alex I got a set of pearl earrings and a sterling silver dolphin necklace which I am wearing at this very instant, and a cereal bowl. Josh gave me a stuffed bunny which I named Zippy and a water bottle with sprayer and fan that I can hang around my neck. Ms. Lucy gave me a pair of earrings with about 5 clear glass beads that hang from a little ring.

The first thing we decided to do was go to the beach and bakery in Gundogan. We built sand castles while we were there. The sand was coarse, but smoother than any of the other sand we have seen in Turkey. After that we went to the bakery. I had to take a chance on what kind of cake it was by looking at the top. We later found out that I had picked out a kind of Black Forest cake which was very yummy.

We went back home with the cake and we had lunch of fruit and bread that we had just bought at the bakery. Then we headed off to see Transformers. We saw something that we had never seen before with the seating. We are used to picking out our seats in the theater. We chose our seats when we bought our tickets and we got a receipt that showed black marks on the seats that we had chosen. They only had a couple movie trailers, maybe three and no other commercials. The movie was fantastic.

After the movie we headed over to the internet cafe (near the bakery and the beach) and we had an internet chat with my dad. The picture was kind of fuzzy but it was easy to hear him. I wanted to see my cat Kenny, but my dad didn't know where he was. My little brother Alex wanted to see his best friend Colin, so we asked my dad to bring them to the camera next time.

For dinner we went to a seafood place next to the ocean. The chairs were on sand and it was fun to play with the sand with my feet while we were waiting for our food. There was no gate or wall between us and the ocean, just a few rocks. We watched the sun set as we ate. I ordered skewered meatballs for my dinner and drank peach nectar. It was yummy. We headed home and we took the cake out of the refrigerator. The candles wouldn't light easily and they burned fast, so they were like the opposite of trick candles.

I got a lot of emails wishing me a happy birthday which I liked. Thanks to the Walls, Aunt Tricia, Nanny and Grandpa and Grandma and Pop-Pop for remembering me and thank you to Julia for the birthday presents. My dad showed them to me over the computer camera yesterday.

Our friend Ms. Lucy was going to leave early the next day, so we said goodnight and goodbye. I really had a fantastic birthday.

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Kate in her new red dressKate in her new red dress
Kate in her new red dress

Kate picked this dress out at the mall. She is also wearing a necklace that Alex gave her and is holding the squirt bottle Josh gave her.

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