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March 31st 2010
Published: April 1st 2010
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March 31, 2010
I'm back in Khafji, Saudi Arabia for trip #6 to The Kingdom. Khafji is located just south of the Kuwait border in the very northeast tip of Saudi Arabia. I'll be here until 14 April and I left Minneapolis last week. My mission is to prepare for a series of four assessment centers that start next Sunday (Easter Day). Obviously Easter isn't a big deal here in The Kingdom, which explains the start date. However, I'm brought along two packages of marshmallow peeps to distribute to my colleagues. One package is yellow birdies and the other has neon pink rabbits.

The setup for the center has gone very well, but I discovered what happens when you plug in a computer component designed for 110 volts into a socket that has 220 voltage. It works well for about 15 seconds and then you hear a very loud pop, kind of like an explosion. Then smoke appears and drifts into the air, as when you blow out a candle. And then absolute death occurs. I saw the soul of my computer component (called a “hub”) drift up and out of the room. Amazingly, someone knew where there was a computer store in Khafji and I was able to buy a replacement. It’s not very good quality, but it works.

I am staying at the new “Guest House” at KJO, so no more villas. However, this is like a very nice hotel and it is brand new. It only has 20 rooms and two suites and I think there are more staff people than guests at this point. It’s called Al Jazzerah Guest House. The best part is that it has wireless internet (unlike the villas) so that is quite nice.

It is located about 100 feet from the edge of the Persian Gulf, so the view is quite pretty. I took some photos of the sunset, as well as my accommodations.

The weather is beautiful this time of year and the sun is shining brightly. All in all, things are going well and I am happy.

Be sure to see the photos below and click on the "page 2" link to see the "extra photos" I've uploaded. You can also click on any photo to enlarge it, and then use the numbers at the top to scroll from photo to photo.

Additional photos below
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KJO - Khafji Joint OperationsKJO - Khafji Joint Operations
KJO - Khafji Joint Operations

It's a joint venture between Kuwait Gulf Oil Company and Aramco Gulf Operating Company
Inside KJO HeadquartersInside KJO Headquarters
Inside KJO Headquarters

Khafji, Saudi Arabia
The Guest House BuildingThe Guest House Building
The Guest House Building

Note the dome on the top. I'm not sure who gets to clean the panels
Three floors of the Guest HouseThree floors of the Guest House
Three floors of the Guest House

I'm on the first floor, which Americans would call the second floor (the first floor is the ground floor)
The Glass DomeThe Glass Dome
The Glass Dome

This dome covers the Guest House building.
Inside the Guest HouseInside the Guest House
Inside the Guest House

The fountain and inside the Guest House
Saudi Sitting AreaSaudi Sitting Area
Saudi Sitting Area

This is a room in the lobby. It's actually used for gatherings.
The view from my windowThe view from my window
The view from my window

The Arabian (Persian) Gulf is right outside my window.

1st April 2010

Spring Arrived
75 here yesterday Ted. You missed it.
1st April 2010

Spring Arrived
Well, it's Spring here too! Actually, it's probably around 85 degrees or so and sunny. But when I left Minnesota, it was still pretty cold. Congratulations on finally seeing nice weather. Time to hit the lake!
1st April 2010

Can't wait for more updates from this trip, Ted! Bummer about the laptop... Will you be demonstrating how to microwave Peeps for the group too? Always good fun. LOL.
1st April 2010

Laptop NOT cooked!
eve, don't worry, it wasn't my laptop. It was a computer hub and I was able to buy a new one. No data was harmed in this production. Nice to hear from you again.
1st April 2010

Nice pictures! If I didn't know better, I'd think you were on spring break!
1st April 2010

Mystery Flag
That fourth mystery flag is from a frozen strawberry daiquiri!!
2nd April 2010

Mystery Flag
Great guess, Missy, but ever sooooo wrong in Saudi Arabia!!!! LOL
2nd April 2010

Wow - gorgeous sunset!
3rd April 2010

nice Guest house..nice sunset too.
17th April 2014
Sunset (2)

the guest house
very nice the jazeerah guest house.

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