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Sunset (2)  

Sunset (2)

Back in Khafji

March 31st 2010
March 31, 2010 I'm back in Khafji, Saudi Arabia for trip #6 to The Kingdom. Khafji is located just south of the Kuwait border in the very northeast tip of Saudi Arabia. I'll be here until 14 April and I left Minneapolis last week. My mission is to prepare for a series of four assessment centers that start next Sunday (Easter Day). Obviously Easter isn't a big deal here in The Kingdom, ... read more
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Saudi or Saudi Arabian Flag In 1902, ABD AL-AZIZ bin Abd al-Rahman Al Saud captured Riyadh and set out on a 30-year campaign to unify the Arabian Peninsula. A son of ABD AL-AZIZ rules the country today, and the country's Basic Law stipulates that the throne shall remain in the ... ... read more
17th April 2014

the guest house
very nice the jazeerah guest house.

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