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August 17th 2013
Published: August 17th 2013
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Back to the grind of work.... which means very little is happening in my life. I got back from my Eid holiday Sunday evening and had planned to spend Monday at the office, even though it was still our holiday. Then I just decided to enjoy it - my first full holiday since I came to the Middle East. It was nice to just have a day of rest... very little interruption from clients, which was nice. Then back to work!

I've got four new people that are starting in the next six weeks, so the pressure is off a little. Now I can focus my energy on developing the four geologists who I currently work with - two or three are very receptive and I think they are going to be great, hopefully taking on more of a leadership role. I try to remember how it was when I first started, 11 years ago, moving across the US from NY to California, alone and fresh. A couple of engineers took me under their wing and made me into the person I am today. It's time for me to give back.

It is very difficult with the various cultural differences here. One is that the way most companies here work, many employees, especially those at the lower end of the pay spectrum, are relegated to one role, and one role only. It is hard for them to step out because nothing is really expected of them, so they have to really want it. Sometimes it is easier to just float within the company, doing what is expected of you, no more, and collect your money. It is also hard because there are so many different nationalities at work here and many of them do not get along with each other or they have an internal cultural hierarchy - so it's hard to make someone become authoritative when it is just not in their experience or culture, or if someone else flat out refuses to respect them. So with the big projects beginning now or very soon, and with new staff coming in to assist, I'm trying to get my guys to break out of that mold and become something great - they are very smart guys, and it will just take some time and encouragement and mistakes along the way. I hope my perseverance and faith in this pays
Al AinAl AinAl Ain

We think this might be the entrance to the oasis... Next time, we will tour!
off, not just for me and our company, but for these guys too. They are capable of great things; they just need to have the opportunity to shine.

My clients were surprisingly easy this week! Maybe most of them are still on Eid holiday - all the major Qatari government or public institutions are off until the 18th. Lucky. But I was able to get a lot accomplished this short work week, including four reports. The big projects are starting soon, but not quite yet, so I am hoping to finish the remaining reports beforehand and have breathing room to prepare for the upcoming craziness!

Since I had a good week, I felt guilt free enjoying my whole weekend. So, Friday, I went to brunch with the only other American girl I work with. We had not intended brunch - just wanted a late lunch with some alcohol (now that alcohol is being served in Qatar since Ramadan is over). We went to the W hotel in West Bay, to a restaurant called the Spice Market. It has asian fare and she had wanted me to try it. We get there and it is full of loud expats
Blackened spiceBlackened spiceBlackened spice

My favorite spice to prepare and to cook with
and buffets, so we went ahead with the brunch and I got unlimited Shiraz to wash it down with. 😊 The food was pretty good and was the first time I tried sushi since moving to the middle east (it was ok, not great, but definitely satisfied a minor craving!). The green vegetable curry was delicious and was by far my favorite. I would definitely go back. And it's nice to start having people to hang out with outside of work.

I am also very happy that I can enjoy watching early movies again; I go to the first movie of the day because it is not so crowded and therefore I can actually enjoy it without having to listen to half the audience talking to each other, on their phones, or just generally being loud. I saw The Lone Ranger (meh) and The Wolverine (entertaining) in the past week. Yay!

And that's been my past week in a nutshell. Adios amigos!


18th August 2013
Just chillin

Carrying Camels
I've never seen camels being carried like this in all my time in the Middle East, but they look most content.
19th August 2013
Just chillin

This is a first for me as well!
I've seen countless sheep and goats in the trucks, people, even a pony. But never a camel, let alone three!!!
21st August 2013

Classic picture!
Hello Pookie I love the picture of the goats in the back of the truck. That is awesome. They look like they are having a wonderful trip. Hope all is well for you, Buttercup. Cheers, Romsa
21st August 2013

They're camels actually!
Hello darlin! Yes, not goats this time: Camels! We were cracking up as none of us had seen camels in a truck before. And they looked pretty content. The guy was not exactly driving like they were there, and their heads were weaving with the truck's turns. It was hilarious. :) Miss you and thanks so much for always keeping up with my blogs!

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