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March 11th 2009
Published: March 11th 2009
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When I got home from work and I checked my email to find one from AUC (American University of Cairo) that congratulated me on being accepted into their graduate program. I was accepted into both of the programs that they have that I'm interested in...

Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

Masters of Arts in International Human Rights Law

It's possible to get a dual diploma of sorts so until I figure out how that works and if its possible for me to do it then I haven't fully made my decision yet as to which program I will attend!!! However, this is def my decision to go to AUC rather than George Mason in D.C. (which I still haven’t heard back about). The Conflict Resolution program at GMU is much more broad and isn’t really internationally focused whereas the programs at AUC are very in depth and specific, and are built for the students who are wanting to work abroad for an NGO or government organization.
I'm just soo excited and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders because I really didn't want to be teaching again next year and really want to be on the path of my future career and where my passion is!
So from September 2009 til May 2011 (two year program) you can pack your bags and come visit me in Cairo, EGYPT! We can walk like an Egyptian through the streets of Cairo!
Thank you to everyone who helped me on this (recommendations) and especially to my Momma who sent everything out to all the people for me, gathered all the required documents for me and then sent it onto AUC!!! I’m just soo blessed and fortunate to have had all the amazing experiences that I have had and to really be able to follow my passion in life!

Love to all


11th March 2009

YAY! congrats!
13th March 2009

whoop whoop
Oh holla!! I will definitely be visiting you in Cairo and definitely be prepared to walk like an Egyptian!!!
16th March 2009

I'm sooo happy for you.... and I can't wait to visit you and see Cairo!
25th March 2009

Congrats lady! I want to come visit you too!! Em

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