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March 4th 2009
Published: March 4th 2009
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I just received an email from George Mason University stating that it wouldn't be until the end of March or early April until I hear back from them as to whether or not I have been accepted. I've literally been coming home every day from work checkin my account to see if there is an answer and now only to find out I'm still gonna have to wait another month, ugh! I won't hear back from AUC until the end of April or early May...I just feel as if I have been waiting forever already and am sooo anxious to know if I'll be going to school or not next year. I have been applying for jobs as a back-up plan - Africa and Middle East so I will at least be doing "something" next year. I know that people want me home (and definitely NOT in Africa ) but really besides lovely fam and friends there isn't much to go home to. I can definitely get a job over here, tax-free, and that pays well so if grad school doesn't work out I might as well stick it out over here for a few years. Just keep your fingers crossed for me though cause I really wanna go to school next year, especially AUC - and I know you'll all want me there so that you can all come visit me! 😊

I'm going to a fashion show tomorrow night - celebrities are supposed to be there..but who knows who? Actually, David and Victoria Beckham are here right now - AC Milan played here tonite. The fashion show is actually at the hotel that they are staying at - The Sharq - google it - it's part of the Ritz Carlton (there is one here) but its a million times better and MUCH pricier than the Ritz if you can believe that. I'm just excited to get all dressed up!

Saturday will be quite the day...I'm taking 31 kids to the zoo..just me and my helper, Miss Yvonne (she is the one that takes them to the bathroom, feeds them, and takes them out to play - a LIFESAVER!). Yep, no parent chaperones allowed...the school is nuts...the teachers aren't to have any real contact with the parents. We don't even have parent teacher conferences. If the parents want to find out how their child is doing I have to write a report, give it to my supervisor and then she relays the info to the children. I can just see me with about 29 of the kids while Miss Yvonne goes and takes 2 to the bathroom, or looking around and seeing 3 of my kids in the cage with the monkey, another tryin to climb the fence into the tiger cage...etc! Wish me luck!

So my 26th birthday is coming up in about 4 1/2 weeks - April 6 - and I'll be ringing it in with style. I'm off to Sri Lanka to lay on the beach, drink alcohol (sorry but I'm really alcohol deprived so it's much needed and DESERVED!), and of course ride an elephant! 😊 There are also jungle safaris, tea plantation, buddhist sites, and of course more and more beach. Yes, there is currently a civil war going on in the country, and yes, I have told my mother, but come on when have I ever let a civil war stop me! If I made it in and outta the Ivory Coast I think I'll be able to handle Sri Lanka. We;ve just been told that as soon as we land in the capital, Colombo, we should get out and that then we should be fine, and not to head north where most of the rebel troops are. There have been quite a few bombs and gunfire more recently in Colombo but again as soon as we land we plan to head south to hit the beaches!

Other than that Doha is Doha. Camel racing starts next month so we're definitely checkin that out and there is supposed to be some big music fest in the desert - Dunefest- later this month so that will be good. Other than that it's just school and sheesha! It's gettin a lot warmer here, already in the 80s and is supposed to be in the 90s by next week. So back to the beach and pool we go!

I just had to let the school know when I'll be leaving Doha...it's official I'll be leaving June 23 so I'll be back Vermont-side June 24! I'm already lookin forward to my parent's champagne brunch before the waterbury festivities that Saturday - heard that my mom ALREADY sent out the invites so I'll be looking forward to seeing a lot of you there and those who aren't in Vermont I'll look forward to hopefully seeing you all at some point this summer! Good luck with the rest of winter - heard it's been QUITE the season - I'll try to send some of this heat and sunshine your way!

Lots of love,


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