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March 2nd 2013
Published: March 2nd 2013
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Al KhorAl KhorAl Khor

catching seaweed?
Friday morning, I got up early to prepare for a Qatari road trip! Jeff and I made plans to head north and drive around to see what Qatar has to offer. Granted, it's not much, but it was a fun day. We made it to the northern tip, Rawais, and drove as fast as we could, or stopped for random sites - like a giant fatty lizard that I almost ran over! We drove from Doha, to Al Khor, to Al Thakirah, to Ruwais and near there, then southwest towards Dukkan. We never made it to Dukkan, instead detouring to Zekreet, where I'd heard there were some cool geological formations. We wound up stumbling upon a convoy, and joined before trying to decide if we wanted to continue. We at first felt that what we could see of the outcrops was pretty much it and in my little Sunny, driving over the mars-scape might be bad. So, we sat and thought about it before deciding to just see what was out there. We wound up hanging out in this area the rest of the afternoon through sunset.

The convoy we had followed turned out to be a photo shoot. And later we wound up meeting up with a father and his two young sons, who were jumping from the cliffs into the sand dunes (like we used to do off our deck into the snow drifts) only the sand dunes did not seem all that soft. I opted out but Jeff joined them! They were a nice family and when he left, the father came and brought me a cold water and a yummy mango capri sun. Unfortunately, his act of kindness wound up getting him stuck, so Jeff and I went to get help. I approached the convoy and the guy who was driving the Hummer agreed to go help. He was unsure if he'd be able to pull them out, but I'd been on enough off road adventures to assure him that his Hummer was indeed the man for the job! In about 30 seconds, the father was out and they were off, with friendly waves from all. Definitely the main adventure of the day.

After that, we stayed to watch the sunset. Jeff practised his photography skills and then we made our way back to Doha for dinner and beer. The photos speak for themselves today...
Al KhorAl KhorAl Khor

See my previous trip here for other photos of Al Khor's corniche
And please note that the super pretty shots are probably Jeff's!

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Love this spot - I really want to go Kayaking
abandoned villageabandoned village
abandoned village

the sign said we were not allowed to visit as it is a preserved archaelogical site
Northern tipNorthern tip
Northern tip

just east of Ruwais

love the radiating pattern

4th March 2013

Great photos
Hello Pookie I absolutely love the photos. Thanks for sharing them. I can't wait to see you on Friday. It will be great to catch up. Travel safely, buttercup. Cheers, Romsa
12th April 2013

Great pictures, Alexis! Sad I missed you when you were in CA. Come visit us in Hawaii soon. Oahu could use a visit from the Bot! :) XOXO, Sujin

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