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Middle East » Qatar » Al Khor March 2nd 2013

Friday morning, I got up early to prepare for a Qatari road trip! Jeff and I made plans to head north and drive around to see what Qatar has to offer. Granted, it's not much, but it was a fun day. We made it to the northern tip, Rawais, and drove as fast as we could, or stopped for random sites - like a giant fatty lizard that I almost ran over! We drove from Doha, to Al Khor, to Al Thakirah, to Ruwais and near there, then southwest towards Dukkan. We never made it to Dukkan, instead detouring to Zekreet, where I'd heard there were some cool geological formations. We wound up stumbling upon a convoy, and joined before trying to decide if we wanted to continue. We at first felt that what we could ... read more
Al Khor
Al Khor
Cool Crab Shot

Middle East » Qatar » Al Khor December 15th 2012

Friday was a wonderful day. I had stayed up late doing some work Thursday night, but was able to sleep in Friday. I had wanted to take a trip to the beach town, Al Khor, about 40km north of Doha, but just didn't want to. Instead, I went to the Villagio Mall and shopped til I was about to drop! I bought a (reimburseable) blackberry for work, skirts, shirts, sweaters... I still need boots and a coat though; it is getting cold here. No, really! I took myself to a movie: Red Dawn. Completely cheesy and predictable, but I enjoyed it more than I thought. The movie almost (but not quite) drowned out the people talking throughout; people here have no respect for others in theaters - they talk on their phones or to each other, ... read more
The road north
Happy bridge
Welcome to Al Khor

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