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August 18th 2007
Published: August 18th 2007
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Was it a dream?

Took me a while to get to bed last night. The baby usually sleeps through till morning, but for some reason she woke at 12 wanting an extra feed. All fed and watered she got into bed with us and fell off into a deep sleep. I followed very soon after her, I was exhausted after a day of entertianing.

1.43AM omg bed shaking, whats going on.... I was physically wiggle woggled out of my bed. I looked over to see my hubby snoring sweetly and baby didnt stir. Im standing by the bed with my heart pounding, things rattling and clanking around me. After a short while silence fell. I run into the bedrooms of my 2 other children and they are both sleeping sweetly. My adrenaline is rushing and my eyes are WIDE open... nothing. silence. no neighbours lights switching on from the windows, no one in the streets... I must have been dreaming. was I?? I go into the lounge to check everything a last time before returning to my, now not shaking, bed. I turn to walk out and I see the water in my fish tank still sloshing from side to side. AHAAAAA... I wasnt dreaming... I was confused. I went bck to bed and fell to sleep after wondering if I was going crazy or not hehe,..

My husband was up before me this morning. I came out into the lounge with baby and the first thing I asked him was ""was there an earthquake last night""... Yes he says, it's here in the news paper. Apparently alot of people reported being shaken from their beds... YEY I wasn't going crazy.... It was a scary moment, that I have never experienced before. quakes are very rare in London.....

The report came out early this morning. Earthquake Kuwait-Saudi borders. 4.3 magnitude... Thank heaven everyone is alright and no serious fatalities. I pray for all the people who suffer serious earthquakes. This one was small, but VERY scary. May god keep everyone safe.... Lets hope this was a one off.. xx stay safe people xx



18th August 2007

hey..felt the same too..
18th August 2007

Thanks paul. You know 163 people have read the entry on the earth quake in less than an hour. Just shows how many poeple are searching for info on the quake... That was my first experience and I hope my last x
18th August 2007

it was so freaking earthquack
arround at 1:45 ... i was almost laying on my chair .. n keeyboard on my laps .. i feet quack .. was hard .. i get so scared .. then i get on the floor n i still felt it .. in 5th floor of 13 floor building there wasnt chance b alive .. i went to my friends room n knoch .. he said there is nothing go sleep u r drunk .. but i want able for belive .. it was so reall i call some of my friends they said there is nothing .. i asked some of my friends was online in kuwait .. they felt nothing .. o i said may b i m sleepy i need to slep .. but still in morning i was searchin on net .. was it reall .. so it was .. well God bless kuwait ..
18th August 2007

My wife woke me up last night
I was in deep sleep, I think that was some where between one and two O clock in the night. My wife was whispering into my ears, "Hello......Every thing is shaking... Did you just jumped into the bed" I said no, then she said hay it is a Quake....... I said you must be dreaming, "Kuwait does not fall under Seismic zone so relax". I patted her and asked her to sleep. Morning I woke up went to office ...normally 'forgotten every thing that happened in the night. At office my friend enquired from me "did you felt the quake last night?" I was shoked and I recalled every thing that happened last night. The funniest thing is that 'My wife still does not know that if there was a real quake. I thank Allah for sparing our lives.
18th August 2007

Yes, Mohammed, we really must all thank Allah for sparing all our lives. Considering the people in Peru right now and what they are going through. May god bless their souls. x
18th August 2007

Yes, same story here! I already started to think I had it in my dreams! My husband also was sleeping and didn't feel anything. We live in the top floor and I felt that all walls and celling and furniture were moving, but it was over quite fast. But I got pretty scared. Good, that I didn't just make it up:) PS What newspapers write about this? I cannot find anything on line.
18th August 2007

I think you may find more in tomorws papers, as the ones for today would ahve already gone to pront. there was a very small section in my husbands paper (Al Watan) but no information really, just that a few people had reported tremors. see
18th August 2007

I was shaken already by the one of Peru
2 days ago, I woke up at 6:30 AM, and was hardly shaken by the news coming on my TV. My Wife is Peruvian, and this nice Country is my adoptive homeland, all our family is in north of Peru and in lima. I spent more than 5 hours to get news from there, fortunately nothing happened to my family in law. I was certainly marked by the news of the 2 last days and I was having a bad dream at that time thinking I was in my adoptive homeland, I woke up in Kuwait shaken by a tremor!. For luck, my Wife is currently enjoying her vacation with our 2 kids in Denmark.
18th August 2007

wow JF, Im so pleased your in laws, wife and children are all safe and well... Thank you for reading my blog... x stay safe x
18th August 2007

earth quake in kuwait
my 3.5 years old son was not in a mood to sleep and was playing in the living room with his mother, i was lying on my bed and playing a game inmy my mobile phone (making effort to sleep) about 01:45 my neighbors dog started barking in a strange way and i felt that my body and phone is moving up and down, it happened twice with 20-30 seconds, i thought may be i am geting heart attack or what, i sat down and started realising and checking myself that if i am alright. but in the morning it was confirme to me that it was an earth quake. i wonder that animal new this earlier.
18th August 2007

SOme people say that don't they, that animals can sense something is wrong before we know it. Like some kind of special perception. What do others think about that? (glad you ok anyway Misbah :D )
3rd December 2007

Going to Kuwait
Hi! I have read all of yours journals and now I have good fellings about kuwait. Congratulations for your report. I am brazilian and me and my wife are going to live in Kuwait, but my wife doesnt know what she can do there. She dont speak english well, but I believe you can learn a little there or arabian. Today are you totally enjoying the country? How expensive is a rent in Kuwait? What is the best place to live in City of Kuwait? I need to choose a place to live there. regards,
12th February 2008

did anyone feel the earthquake today(2/13/2008)around 12:30 noon.....
27th August 2008

Felt it today Aug 28th at 1:00am
Felt earthquake on Aug 28th 2008 at 1:00am Ah i was sitting watching horror movie and then all a sudden the sofa started checking lol scare the living day lights out of me ... then i figured out that everything was shaking and its probably a small earthquake.. its been 15 minutes so far and thank god no aftershocks.
27th August 2008

Thursday,August 28 1:00AM
Hi I Felt The Same 20 Mints Ago Tht Was 1:00AM I Saw My Neighbours Coming Out And My Sis waking up!Was There Any1 Else Who Felt This? Love:Oceab..
27th August 2008

Aug 28 00:45
I normally feel tremors in Salmiyah, but while I was typing on the pc at 00:45am, I felt our building swaying quite noticeable. I jumped up and checked whether it was me having a tremor of some sort, but then I noticed a reed curtain, hanging in my passage also moving. I ran to the door, still trying to convince myself that it was my imagination. The tremor lasted for about 10 seconds. Since beginning of August I had hairline cracks appearing allover in the walls of my apartment and it seems to get bigger and longer now. I sicerely hope that the ministry is doing checks on the standards of building in this region. I am getting paranoid!!!!
28th August 2008

earthquake today
Hi, I felt a good shaking earthquake this morning i.e 28th Aug 2009 at around 1 am. I hope it hasn't caused any damage and/or casualties.
1st September 2008

I got the experience
I just went to the bed after watching a movie and lied then i felt the bed shaking and immediately got up and ran to the hall and saw the door is shaking as wel. immediately i called my friend who is living the 3 rd floor but he said nothing like that if you feel disturbed just come to my place but i stayed back and saw no moves. next morning i told my wife and she ask me to check my BP and i did so , but later realized it was a earth quake. thank god we all are safe

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