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August 2nd 2009
Published: August 2nd 2009
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Look MaLook MaLook Ma

Yes, that is Kyle effortlessly floating in the Dead much fun as it looks. It is so salty that is imperative to avoid getting it in your eyes. The salt also notifies you if you have even the tiniest of scratches or cuts on your body. Hello!
We did more than just cover ourselves in mud, float, and pamper ourselves when we were at the Dead Sea! We all had visited the Dead Sea on the Israeli/Palestinian side, but we had never visited the Jordanian side. We were not disappointed.

Our first visit to the lowest point on Earth was 10 years ago during our first Mid-East trip. We all said we hoped we would return without believing it would really happen. We were blown away by the bouyancy and our ability to float without effort. Floating in the Dead Sea is a one-of-a-kind experience that should be at the top of any Bucket List. You can't help but giggle like a child and relax. We could have floated for hours...and maybe we did! The temperature at the Dead Sea was 114 degrees fahrenheit...toasty! (From what we hear, Kansas is having record low temperatures...maybe the heat is following us!)

While we were in the area, we went to the Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ (Bethany-Beyond the Jordan) at the Jordan River. The interesting thing is we had already visited the Baptismal Site when we were in Israel. Both countries claim to have the site where John
Remember the Sunday School song...A River Running Deep and Wide?Remember the Sunday School song...A River Running Deep and Wide?Remember the Sunday School song...A River Running Deep and Wide?

Dad standing in Jordan with Israel in the background. The Jordan River is a small creek by USA standards. It can be walked across. As you can see it is not deep or wide. The amazing thing is how these two countries are competing for the premiere Baptismal Site location. Look at the construction in the background...and the Israeli flag...
the Baptist performed Jesus' baptism! Both countries make good arguments and both countries believe their claims. If we have learned one cannot separate religion and politics. (Is that an understatement or what?)

We also visited Mount Nebo where Moses is believed to have died, looking into the Promised Land to which he was forbidden to ever venture. It is also believed by some (not others) that he is buried there. We loved climbing to the top...we could see Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Nablus Hebron and Ramallah. This was just one more occassion where Dad's binoculars were a big hit with the locals!

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Peering across to the Mount of OlivesPeering across to the Mount of Olives
Peering across to the Mount of Olives

Standing in Jordan, looking into Israel from Mount Nebo.

2nd August 2009

Boy, maybe even I could float there! Looks like fun, as long as you don't turn around.
3rd August 2009

Famous Flag
Too funny! That flag sure does have a lot of miles on it now! You should put together a photo album of just pictures with the flag. Do people stop you and ask you where it's from? I was wondering if they might think that it's a flag from some strange country.

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