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Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 21st 2006

With this blog, we say goodbye. We ended our journey with the most wonderful “treat” ever…Petra by Night. It is only done three nights per week and we were lucky enough to be able to do this before heading back to Amman to fly home. They light the entire As Siq and Treasury with over 1500 candles. You make the journey down the As Siq in complete silence so that you can reflect on the beauty and astonishing sights around you. The sky was so clear and the stars were out…it was truly magical! Once you arrive at the Treasury, you sit on mats on the ground and listen to some traditional Jordanian music played by the Bedouins (and they serve you their wonderful tea!). It starts with their “guitar” like instrument that is a rectangle ... read more
Treasury from the As Siq
The  As Siq
Beautiful Petra Mountains

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 19th 2006

Petra…a place where you instantly feel like a kid again. It was what you always dreamed about, being an explorer and finding a lost ancient city (I’m sure Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade doesn’t help this either!). That is exactly what Petra is, a lost ancient city carved out of rock. There is not much historical information on Petra. Only that it was created by the Nabateans around the 7th century BC. What happened to their large civilization is also unknown. They know there was a big earthquake around 500 AD that may have destroyed the civilization. We started our morning early (7am) and made our way down the As-Siq. This is the 1km “corridor” that leads to the famous treasury in Petra. It is a huge gorge that has been carved out with water ... read more
Details of the Treasury
Grrrr...Leave me Alone!
Indiana Jones

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra February 28th 2006

Hello all: Yes, it is July, and I went to Jordan at the end of February. So, yeah, I know I'm late with this one - I've been a little busy, okay??? Work sort of got in the way as report cards came right after mid-winter break, and then there was that whole getting engaged thing that took up some time in sorry! Oh, and I'm on holidays, so excuse any spelling mistakes. Anyway, I was in Jordan from February 28-March 4, just enough time to get a little taste of this amazing place. We arrived late on the evening of the 28th. I wasn't sure what to expect, as the only other Middle Eastern country that I have been in is, of course, Egypt, where I live. Jordan is very, very different - a ... read more
The view atop Mount Nebo
Where Jesus was baptised
Israel sighted!

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra February 4th 2006

Minutes before we were about to board our ferry from Nuweiba (Egypt) to the Jordanian port of Aqaba, we received a frantic text message from my parents telling us of a ferry sinking in the Red Sea and hoping we were OK. We were fortunately heading across the Red Sea in the opposite direction and in a much more modern and safe catamaran ferry (like the ones plying the Marlborough Sounds) . We crossed quickly, comfortably and without incident; taking only 1 hour as opposed to the estimated 5 - 36! hours for the slow ferry. Should anyone head out this way we would recommend avoiding the slow ferry as it is only USD11 cheaper than the fast ferry (USD50) and it is rumoured to be nasty. Immigration at the Jordanian border was a lolly sramble ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum December 4th 2002

After two days in Petra it was time to head to Wadi Rum - there were four of us in the group - two other Australians and an intrepid Japanese traveller who had hiked from Nepal. After a 6am start we arrived in the small village of Rum, a small cluster of flat roofed building nestled in a valley where camels and four-wheel drive vehicles are the only form of transport. There we met our host, Zedane, who boasted to us that he had 28 brothers and sisters and that when there is a family gathering for a meal that "three sheep is not enough!" We then headed out in our beaten four-wheel drive with our driver called Ali, whose driving prowess across the dunes was most impressive. We left Rum is a cloud of dusk, ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 3rd 2002

Petra - the mere names conjures thoughts of an ancient city carved out of the ochre cliffs in a hidden valley. It also conjures images of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and that terrific scene as they ride though the Siq and behold the imposing Treasury edifice. For all that I had read and heard about Petra, I really wasn't quite prepared for the magnificence of the place. The monuments carved into the mountains were only a small part of its beauty. The rest came through the striated colours of rock that surrounded you on every side, the differing colours of the sand, and the ever persistent Bedouin, who relentlessly tried to sell you souvenirs, and donkey or camel rides. On the first day, I walked through the Siq, a 1.2 kilometre long chasm which ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra July 19th 2001

The next day we went to Petra again, but this time to look at all of the lost city. It was so amazing. The colours of the rocks there were something I had never seen before. It took us a while to get to the entrance way this time, as it was really hot, even though it was morning. By the end of the day, I couldn't be bothered walking back through the siq, so I rode a horse. On the way back, I stopped in a little rest stop, and got talking to a nice Jordanian man. I was so tired that I just went back to the hotel and slept. Later that night I met up with Charlotte and Gaz up on the roof top of Rabee's hotel, smoked a few sheesha's, and had ... read more
Donkey At Petra

Middle East » Jordan » South » Aqaba July 13th 2001

We went to the Port to get the Hydrofoil to Jordan. Lets just say, go to the toilet before you get there! The man on the Hydrofoil wanted me to read out something in English for all of the tourists on board, but I was too shy.... I should have, would be something to talk about later on I guess. We were met in Jordan by our tour guide Rabee. We found out that he had lived in Australia for a few years. On the way to Aqaba, I found myself just looking outside of the windows at the water. It was so clear, and I could see all kinds of cute little fish. Later that night we all went down to the beach. I tried my first sheesha here with Charlotte. It was apple flavour, ... read more
Wadi Rum
Me in Wadi Rum

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