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Middle East » Jordan » South » Showbak April 17th 2018

Left Petra at 8am for our return trip to Amman but with a few stops along the way. First was Little Petra which is set in a small valley not far from Petra, but also built by the Nabateans. It is believed that it was like a suburb of Petra and housed traveling traders on the Silk Road. This was a very interesting site in itself and if situated anywhere else in the world would be a much bigger deal in itself Next stop was the Crusader Castle at Shobak, where Lana told us about it but just made it an option if anyone wanted to explore the castle itself, which entailed a 15 minute walk up a steep hill. Barry, Pierre, Mary, Paul, Brian and I elected to go and we had about 20 minutes ... read more
Little Petra
Little Petra
Little Petra

Middle East » Jordan » South » Showbak November 14th 2007

This was on our last day in Jordan, on our way back we explored Shobak and the Little Petra. If only I knew this place was more or less like any other place and worth the miss I wouldn't have made all that effort. It's a very small place and can be finished within 30 mins also there were hardly any tourist so mom was very uncomfortable to hang in here. What I hated most was our driver who was actually going to take us to Wadi Rum and Aqaba got us confused and bought us here instead. If only I would have read Lonely Planet on my last day I would have bargained better. We had an early morning flight at 3 and we still had 24 hours to go. Thanks to Abu Nasir, our ... read more

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