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April 10th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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This morning we went to the Roman city of Jerash is in a fine state of preservation. Founded in the time of Alexander the Great, it had become a centre of considerable importance by the 3rd century AD. It is one of the grandest ancient cities in the world, with an imposing collection of archways, theatres, baths and colonnaded streets. We spent just a bit over an hour here.

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01 Archway01 Archway
01 Archway

One of the many archways in Jerash.
02 The Triumphal Arch02 The Triumphal Arch
02 The Triumphal Arch

This arch was erected and dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian on the occasion of his visit to the city in A-D. 129/130. An inscription recording the event was built into the gate on the side facing the city, the name of the person who dedicated it, Flavius Agrippa, is also recorded, and the ancient name of the city, Antioch on the Chrysorrhoas.
03 Wall03 Wall
03 Wall

An interesting wall.
04 The forum04 The forum
04 The forum

The colonnade surrounding the Forum was probably erected some time during the second century A.D., and rests on a great wall 32 feet 6 inches in depth, all of which is buried. The enclosed space is paved, and in the centre is a plinth for a statue.
05 The forum05 The forum
05 The forum

The forum to the right and more pillars in the background.
06 The South Theatre06 The South Theatre
06 The South Theatre

We sat in this theatre and listened to some locals play music.
07 The South Theatre07 The South Theatre
07 The South Theatre

The theatre stage. This theatre contains 32 tiers of seats, the lower rows of which are numbered in Greek, and could presumably be reserved. It could accommodate about 4000 people. An inscription on the wall at the right of the stage tells that a Statue of Victory which once stood there was presented by a non-commissioned officer of the army of Titus in A.D. 70.
08 Stage08 Stage
08 Stage

The stage of the South Theatre.
09 Performers09 Performers
09 Performers

The locals that played for us while we sat in the theatre.
10 Forum10 Forum
10 Forum

Looking down at the forum.
11 Theatre11 Theatre
11 Theatre

Looking up at the South Theatre.
12 Jerash12 Jerash
12 Jerash

Part of the ancient city of Jerash.
13 Forum13 Forum
13 Forum

Looking down at the forum.
14 Street of Columns14 Street of Columns
14 Street of Columns

The street of columns.
15 Turtle15 Turtle
15 Turtle

A very slow turtle.
16 Mosaics16 Mosaics
16 Mosaics

The well preserved mosaics, out in the elements, remains of a church.
17 Church17 Church
17 Church

Part of the church remains.
18 Temple of Artemis18 Temple of Artemis
18 Temple of Artemis

She was the goddess of the city. This temple is built on the highest point in this city.
19 Great Gate of the Temple of Artemis19 Great Gate of the Temple of Artemis
19 Great Gate of the Temple of Artemis

The entrance which leads to the temple at the top of the hill.
20 Theatre20 Theatre
20 Theatre

Looking at the theatre from a distance.
21 Columns21 Columns
21 Columns

Some columns.

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