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April 9th 2006
Published: June 16th 2017
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01 Resort01 Resort01 Resort

The resort where we had lunch and then floated in the dead sea.
Geo: 30.7668, 35.3437

We hit the road this morning for Shawback castle. Rabbi decided to change the itinerary, as he believed this castle was better than the one we should have visited. It seemed okay. It did have a secret passage or two that we were able to go partly down. This castle was set up on a hill and we were all celebrities for the half hour we were there. There was a group of local children who wanted to continuously take photos of us!
We kept driving until we arrived at our Dead Sea resort. There we ate a huge, fancy buffet lunch. After we had eaten all that food we had to change and get ready to float!! The sea was still, no waves. We were told not to open our eyes or mouth under water. Two people weren't listening and had to get out 2 minutes later. It was unreal to be floating. It was much more comfortable to be floating on my back than front. Across the sea, not too far away was Israel. It was a bit difficult to control yourself and I kept floating into other people. We bent down with difficulty and scooped up mud
02 Dead Sea02 Dead Sea02 Dead Sea

The Dead Sea and across the water is Israel.
from the bottom and rubbed it all over ourselves. We were brown and it was so much fun to play with mud! I would put it on, wash it off, put it on again and wash it off again.
Shastra and I were the last to leave the sea. We were getting our money's worth!! We sort of lost our way back to the bus and everyone was waiting on the bus for us, they didn't seem too impressed. We didn't have watches, which made it hard to be on time. And to think we were going to get an ice-cream on the way!


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