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December 29th 2009
Published: November 10th 2017
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Geo: 32.3985, 35.9253

On the way to Jerash we stopped at the site of Bethany On The Jordan… now for those of you who are religiously challenged this is the site of the Baptism of Jesus Christ our Lord… Yep this is where John the Baptist baptised Jesus, check out the photo's… Now the crazy thing is we were able to walk (in a guided group) to the site of John the Baptist's main baptism spring and then to the East Bank where we gazed at the West Bank less than 3 mtrs away. The Jordan river is the thing that separates the West Bank from the East Bank and it is a small muddy river about 2 mtrs deep.

The large 50 calibre 'anti life' guns mounted on the Hummer Military vehicles in the area reminded us of the fact that Jordan has some heavy hitting neighbours and the reality that we are driving through a politically sensitive part of the world.


29th December 2009

Need some photo's to check them out stud!..

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